Sunday, August 21, 2011


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I've always thought about how life can be likened to a road, it has straight stretches, but more often than not it also has many winding corners and mountain ranges. 
As we travel along our road, we also make many stops. Maybe it's to raise children, maybe it's marriage, separation or death.
But, no matter what the road is like, we are often blessed to find some fabulous friends along the way, and some wonderful places.
I wanted to make a wall hanging that reflected that in a quirky kind of way.
This quilt reflects for me the road taken to my house and I would love for you to join me in this journey. 

The road to my house
Make a delightful quilted wall hanging with me. This quilt will be unique and personal to you as it narrates the story of the road to your house.

Celebrate your very own journey.

Together we will use our sewing machines for some free motion stitching and 
a little hand stitching to add depth.  
Add a smattering of teabags, some vintage linen, an assortment of special treasures 
from your sewing room to embellish 
and you will have a wall hanging that's very individual and incredible.  

I will be there every step of the journey to advise you and guide you. 
Make your wall hanging the same size as mine or make it smaller.
As we work together you can follow my directions and explore ideas generated in the workshop or you can be adventurous and put your own spin on your project, whichever road you take, remember, it’ll lead to your house.

Play with fabric, step away from the burden of producing 'perfect' all the time. The quirkiness that you lend to this wall hanging will make it unique and a stunning piece of art.

This workshop includes recycled new and vintage materials and will allow you to include as much or as little detail as you want to in the embellishing. All stitches are easy and I will help you if you get stuck with easy to follow directions, photos and videos.

Work on this project at your own leisure, the wee stitcheries lend themselves to being 
popped into your purse and taken with you. Finish the hand stitching while you wait for the children, or at home while you watch tv. 
The class blog will remain open for an unlimited time.

COST:  $US55.00
START DATE:  11th September 2011

Join me for loads of fun in my brand new class as we share our journeys with each other.

Feel free to take my class button above for your blog.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, I am always only an email away.

Carole :)

“The road to my place is never straight, but it’s always paved with fabulous friends and wonderful places!”  Carole Brungar


Blossom inch said...

these are so beautiful, I am blown away with your creativity and these are so details. Love it totally!

Jensters said...

Im in and your courses Carole x

Elizabeth said...

wow... that's beautiful. Just the idea is great. And how you did this.
groeten vanuit Nederland.

Christine said...

Carole this is BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see it in the flesh so to speak! I really will have to think hard about joining your class......

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm in too - might be 'in for trouble', but I'm in!! I joined the fabric journal class with great trepidation and loved'm expecting the same experience this time around. (btw - think I've found the proper foot for my machine...yay!!)

Linda Jo said...

Looks wonderful!

Susanne Anna Maria said...

Hi Carole, even though the world is getting smaler you are too far away to take part in your seminar. But it´s beautiful to take part of your art on your blog. Thanks for sharing.
Love and Light from Germany

Yitte said...

Hi Carole i'm in too. Litlle scary where i begin with. But have to try. Loved your previous classes.

DIAN said...

This looks wonderful. I hope to make something special.
This is my first on-line course so I am not sure how I will do but I will give it my best shot.

~*~Patty S said...

that looks like quite a wonderful adventure...
another brilliant project Mz Carole!!

Tessa said...

Wow. that is a beautiful plaid! And the teskt is so gorgeous... LOVE it

xx Tessa (the Netherlands)

Jen xo said...

gosh thats beautiful carole, i love litle houses, you are so clever.... you should try and teach it locally too...

Pitimini said...

Alucinante, really awesome!

Rengin Yazitas said...

Hi Carole,
If you still offer your class, could you please let me know info related with it.
Rengin, in Istanbul

"My Crafting Room" said...

I loved this workshop, I took it a while back and made several of the wall hangings as gifts. The were fabulous. Thanks.

CraftyCaLynn said...

heyo! do you still offer this course? i know you haven't blogged in quite a while but maybe you still check your comments:)

carole brungar said...

Hey CraftyCaLynn, sorry I don't run the internet classes any longer. I will still run the 'in person' classes here in New Zealand. Not sure where you are, but might be an option.