Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Registration is now open for my online class

'Open Your Door'

Starts: June 14th

Cost: $US45.00

Make a sturdy practical journal for everyday use,
special project, or to give as a gift

In this workshop we will work through every step together from
preparing the fabrics, choosing covers, designing pages and signatures, embellishing
to final construction of the journal

I will be there every step of the way to advise and guide you,
to answer all your questions and to watch you
create some fabulous keepsake pieces

The workshop will run through a special "invitation only" blog that only
you as a student will have access to

There will be loads of instructions, photos and videos, and
there may even be some downloads

In this workshop you will be using your computer,
your sewing machine,
doing some hand stitching, dyeing, embellishing,
stamping, transferring

There will also be lots of deconstructing

No two journals will look the same!

Please make your class payment via PayPal, (link is on the side bar)
include your
email address so that I can contact you

As soon as I see your payment
I will issue you an invitation to join my workshop blog
Please check your spam for my email if you don't hear from me.

A list of the things you will need plus treasure hunt items
will be added to the workshop blog before the start of the class

The blog will be up and running for 3 months, during this time you will have full access to it so that you may work at your own pace and revisit it if you choose to go back and make a different version to your first journal
I will also be available to help during this time.

Once your workshop fee has been paid there will be no refunds

If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me
(link on the side)

'Open Your Door'

An online journal workshop

Starts: 14th June

Cost: $45.00

You may use this button (above) on your blog if you like :)

I look forward to you joining the workshop
I know we are all going to have loads of fun together!!

Carole :)


Caterina Giglio said...

looks great! congrats and good luck!!

Bunty said...

Sounds great Carole - stupid question:- is that Australian or US dollars please?!

I will be on holiday on 14th June - would I miss too much if I am not there at the start?


Doreen G said...

I'm in like Flynn Carole-will put my money in tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Linda and I were just discussing what a great motivational speaker you are, and I must say this work shop sounds VERY EXCITING! Can't wait to start! Virtually creating with you on-line- what could be more fun?!

Lotus said...

This is soooo awesome!
Please keep this as an ongoing project! I'm major broke right now, but I so want to join when money permits!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Can't wait for the fun to begin Carole!
Clapping hands with glee!

Good Stuff said...

Carole, I just love your stitcheries, your Blogging Buddy quilt (to die for!), and this latest journal looks lovely! You are talented with color, without a doubt. ~Sarah

Laura said...

YEAH...I just finished signing up!! I'm really looking forward to it!

Charlotte Scott said...

Hi Carole, thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm enjoying having a browse round yours. I think you just gained another follower!

Fantastic idea for the virtual class and it looks like you've got a few signups already!

I had to have a flick back through my NZ quilter and found your article - lucky you getting to meet McKenna Ryan.

Did you know that shop Lovely Living in Waikanae has a blog? I found it the other day and recognised the shop on your blog. I grew up on the Kapiti Coast so pics of that area make me all nostalgic ;)

Anneke said...

this looks great carole, but it is a pitty that i live on the other side of the world,
i would love to be a mouse for some hours to look.
i wish you a lot of success with your workshops

BadPenny said...

Yes Yes
can you email me at

Angels Come to Play said...

I have just signed up and paid for the class.....I simply cant wait for the fun to begin.
Cheers from Aus

TonyaA said...

Your book looks great!
I bet the class will be lots of fun.
Blessings, peace, and love,

Karen said...

Just found you and I hope I am not too late!!! As soon as I saw this I knew I wanted to play Carole! All paid up my lovely XXX

You can email

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

I missed this one. Please do it again. I want to take your workshop. Your journals are lovely.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Just popping over from Doreens blog where I've been watching the creation of her great journal and I would also love to know if you plan to run the class again. My other question would be - is there some other form of payment I could use...I live in Canada and I'm afraid I don't have pay pal.
Thanks in advance for info!
Mary Anne (

Quiltdivajulie said...

I am a quilter (with arthritis in both thumb joints, which complicates a lot of things). I want to create an altered journal-style book using ancient covers from a fallen-apart Bible and the bodice of my wedding dress (37+ years old). As a beginner with altered books, is this an "appropriate" class for taking my first steps?