Sunday, December 21, 2014

I need your opinion on this new journal!

Hi, thought I'd share this journal with you. I started it a few months ago and it needs to be finished. I'd like your opinion please. 

I've collected up a number of photos of me from when I was, umm, younger! LOL my aim was to put them all together in a album, and what better album than one of my journals? (I loved fishing, still do!)

I want to write about the photos, where they were taken, how old I was when the photo was taken, who I'm with in the photo and anything I might want to add. I figure that it might make a lovely gift years down the track. 

My daughter may remember where she lived growing up, but she won't know much detail if any, of when I was growing up. 

So now the special photo album is finished - on the outside at least, all assembled. What do you think?

I've just got to add the text now, add some colour, some stamps perhaps, momentos. Above left is me with my little brother. I think I would have been about 9. (My mother made all my gorgeous wee dresses and cardy's!)

I added a couple of special cards into the journal, one was a birthday card from my parents and one was a birthday card from my daughter. 

So here's where I need your opinion.....

I'm just not sure about the faded old rose on the cover. What do you think? Is it too much? I'm not sure if I like there or not. 

What do you think? 

Oh and if you'd like to make yourself a journal, and make a very special photo album, the link to class details are on the right hand side of this blog. Click on the link to find out more or email me. 

Are you all prepared for Christmas? 
Love Carole x