Monday, April 27, 2009

I think I've got assignment sickness!

I managed to get thru 10 books over my 2 week mid semester break.......

I've got an assignment due on Wednesday......

So far I've written one measly paragraph!

I can hardly keep my eyes open!

I'm being burried alive by books! argh!

I'm seeing ruled lines everywhere.......

sleep ... sleep ... sleep

Sunday, April 26, 2009

which would you rather have?

my daughter has recently left all this for the countryside...........

..........but now she has one of these!
meet Sarge!
Carole :D

Saturday, April 25, 2009

fantastic finds in New Plymouth

During last week I drove up to New Plymouth to visit with my daughter. She has just moved there to live. We had lots of fun checking out the range of stores in New Plymouth - (and cafes!) First of all we found a gift shop that was closing down and offered huge reductions on everything left in the store. I bought this lovely floral quilted cushion cover. (I think I could have spent a couple of hundred dollars easily, but you understand I had to pace myself! LOL)

Then further down the road there was a florist who was closing down too, and again everything was reduced heavily. We picked up this painted chair for my daughter. (There's something to be said for recessions!) The padded centre piece can be removed if she wants to change the fabric, but she says she loves it as it is. She has good taste - inherited I think!! LOL
I found a few old post cards to use in my art.
In the little suburb of Fitzroy we came across a small shop called Faded Fancy. It was very small, barely room for the two of us to both enter at once, (and we both had to be in there at the same time!) and it stocked a whole range of lovely vintage linens, buttons, toys, kitchen items, in fact all sorts of old things. We rummaged thru every inch of every shelf! And after making lots of discoveries/purchases, leaving no stone unturned, as they say, I'm sure the store owner would have had to reorganize and tidy everything after we left!
Unfortunately I was so busy, trying to pace myself, and disbelieving my eyes I forgot to take any pics!! Next time I visit there will be photos. I promise!

Our purchases were wrapped in old burda pattern sheets. I didn't really want to unwrap mine!
Here are some of the goodies-
2 small beautifully worked hankies,

some lovely old and very soft cotton floral pillow cases,
and a little linen bag, not sure what this was used for,

Then down the road we hunted in a used clothing store and I found these two items.
This is worked in the palest of blue cotton.

(They have all now been washed and ironed using lavender water, so have the faint scent of lavender.)

And of course what day wouldn't be absolutely perfect without a couple of stunning floral fat quarters!!
I was so excited with my finds, like a child with a bag of sweets!

Well off to smell the lovely lavendery laundry!! LOL

Carole ;D

Tag number 3

Here is tag number 3 made by Linda, and don't you just love the baby birds? Isn't it just the cutest image? Linda has also used a combination of fabric and paper with a little saying on fabric and a lovely ribbon.
Linda also included some American magazines for me, mmmmmm, I'm still savouring them! lol. Also this little bookmark was tucked inside, it's lovely! Thank you very much Linda for the wee baby birds, I think your tag may just win for being cute!
Also to arrive was an ATC from Debbi in Australia, we swapped autumn themes. We both went for the minimalist approach by conincidence, hers is pretty cool eh?
Oh and I forgot to mention I had received some swiss chocolate, (from you know who!) but have stashed it for "in case of emergency" situations! (I have them often, so I'm guessing it's not going to last that long!)
Hope you are all having a fab weekend!
Carole ;)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

part 2 of the tag mail

As you will know from a not-so-long-ago-post there are five of us girls swapping tags, the theme was 'friends'. This is the 2nd tag to arrive and it was from Patty in the States. She has used fabric and paper and lovely soft colours. Quite different from my tag and Nathalie's tag!

Patty also included a few bits and bobs for me to play with in case I get bored studying!!!

Amongst them was this gorgeous wee playing card, and when I turned it over there were the smallest jigsaw pieces I have ever seen in the wee bag! Double gorgeous!! Thank you so much Patty for your special tag, and an extra hug for the goodies you sent for me to play with!
Last night was freezing, today has been beautiful, a clear blue sky, very little breeze, and some warmth in the sun. A perfect autumn day.

I hope you are having a perfect day!
Carole ;)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

free e book link and some very exciting snail mail!

I came across this link while reading the messages from one of the yahoo groups I belong to. You may already know about it, but if not you might pick up the odd idea! It is a 58 page e book with 50 different techniques for using vintage photos in your art. The link is here.

I've had some lovely mail, this time from Doreen in Australia. We swapped an ATC and this is the one Doreen made for me. I think it's lovely and I especially love the image of the girl! Looks like she's peeking into an envelope! (looks like me, except a lot skinnier! lol) Anyway... moving on.. thank you very much Doreen, I really love it!
But wait! There's more! Doreen enclosed a little tray cloth for me! I was so excited, it's beautiful, and all the little stitches are so perfect, I don't know how they did it. I can never get my stitches so neat and even! Thank you Doreen, and I'm sorry to say this tray cloth won't be cut to bits and added to art work, but will be added to my growing collection of linen treasures!

Speaking of linen treasures, I bought this from Trademe recently, it was with a bunch of old linen. It is a very old linen laundry bag. It was used by the owner on the ship that bought her to New Zealand in 1870. I'm amazed it is in such great condition! Wouldn't it be great if these old pieces could talk and tell you the story of their lives?
Well must off,
Carole ;D

Sunday, April 19, 2009

a busy weekend

Well my weekend has been very busy. I've managed to prepare one bed in the vege garden ready for planting winter veges into. Although just have to take my little bucket round the sheep paddock and do a collection of the black gold stuff they leave behind, lol. It works wonders when it come to growing things! I also picked some strawberries, (a few last of the season stragglers), and dug up a few potatoes.

Had my sister and my niece come and stay for a couple of nights. My niece was competing in a National Secondary Schools Mountain bike competition and managed to come 4th! We were very proud of her, she's 12.

I also found time to get a little sewing done.
Decided to break into my stash of batiks and make some nice bright tissue pockets for the Etsy store.

Then made some ATC's for a swap with Ann in the Netherlands, the theme was 'Vintage'. Hope she likes them!

As Sunday comes to a close, I hope you have enjoyed or are enjoying your weekend.

Carole ;D

Saturday, April 18, 2009

part 1 of the tag mail

Well Nathalie, Patty, Linda, Margaret and I are exchanging tags. The theme is Friendship. Mine have been sent and now it's my turn to pace up and down while the postal service delivers the tags from other countries.
Nathalie's tag was the first to arrive! I don't think the post lady realizes the importance of the things she delivers here!! LOL

This is Nathalie's tag, cool eh! Love the saying and the composition and the girls. Of course much nicer in real life!

And Nathalie slipped this into the envelope for me! WOW, couldn't believe it, it is so fine with tiny stitches! Really delicate. I just love it! Not sure if I'll want to use it or keep it, it's so gorgeous!
I'll keep you posted with the tag arrivals!
Carole ;)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Another block finished and some ATC's

Well there is block number 7 finished. Only 2 more to complete. Yay!
The last couple of days have bought the most exciting mail I've had for simply ages! First of all here are 3 ATC's made by Annie over in Australia. The first look as though they have been felted, love the colours,

and this one Annie tells me was inspired by Fannie who is a master with the Neocolours. I think Annie has made a lovely job!
Well more yummy post tomorrow!
Have a great day/night where ever you are!
Carole ;D

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some new fat quarters

Well I thought I'd share a couple of the fabulous fat quarter finds I had down in Wellington. I just couldn't help myself! Of course you understand that I totally had to restrict my purchases and switch into serious self control mode! LOL
I also bought 3 hanks of yummy hand dyed silk ribbon! I love silk ribbon, mostly because it feels old and fragile and looks beautiful. It's almost too nice to use!

This is a piece of boarder fabric which I'm sure I can put to good use, and I couldn't leave these 2 florals sitting on the table!
And then there was this fabric, very retro! I have some ideas for this too!

Today I picked up my CPS mag to find there were 2, both arrived within a few days of each other. So some old art and some recent art lol. My QA arrived just before Easter which gave me some lovely Easter reading.
And the NZ Quilter mag was in so picked up a copy of that.
Well, it's a short week! Hope it's a good one for you,
Carole ;D