Sunday, April 5, 2009

A minimalist approach

Well this afternoon I managed to squeeze in some time for making some ATCs that I owed people. I decided that I would try and make them using the theory that less is more, be as minimalist as possible and still make an ATC that I think I would like to get in the mail.
Here's what I made.
These 3 are for Annie, and there wasn't a set theme, so being inspired by the selvage blog I decided to join some together. I love the patterns and markings on the selvages, and some of them have the nicest names on them.
This second ATC is for Debbi for our April swap, the theme is Autumn. I wonder if this is just too darn minimalist? lol. I tea dyed some calico, then painted a leaf and did a leaf print. I love the way a hole has come out and the viens of the leaf. I didn't want to add anything else in case it spoilt it!
This is the back side, before I write on it.
Then I made this ATC, just because! So it has no home and if you'd like to swap with me, first in first swaps! It's still on the minimalist theme, but I think it works.
Now you may have noticed my new 'old' doily? Well it was a recent purchase, and I just love the wee stitches on it, they are amazing! I think they are tiny tiny blanket stitch.

Carole ;)


Doreen G said...

Am I first again Carole as I would love that ATC.

Margaret said...

Love the selvage ATC's, cool effect!

Anneke said...

what a beautiful fabric art.
i love this very much.
i also make fabric art, but this one has perfect stitches

Joanie Hoffman said...

I LOVE the leaf print ATC, I want to try that myself. The selvedge ATCs are great also. Do you know of the selvedge blog?
Happy days,

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

selvages always catch my eye too, wonderful use of them on your lovely ATCs Carole!

Linda said...

Love these. The leaf one looks like a golf course with a sandtrap!

Anonymous said...

love your use of selvedges! I've also been collecting the selvedges from my fabric, but so far, they are only a collection... Your leaf ATC is gorgeous, too!

Debbi Baker said...

Hey Carole - they are all gorgeous but I especially love that leaf-print!! Which definitely isn't too minimalist! I finished yours today before I looked here...and guess what - mine is pretty minimalist too!