Sunday, November 28, 2010

two things of great importance happened this week...

The first was, that the evil machine has been returned to the fitness hire company! 
I can't tell you just how relieved I am!

I swear I could hear it snarling as it was dragged out the door and carted back into town!
The second bit of fantastic news is that I attended my graduation ceremony on Friday!

What an exciting and emotional time, I have never felt like laughing and crying so much, 
and all at the same time!

I was so thrilled that I could celebrate with my parents, 
(they made the 8 hour trip to attend the ceremony,)
and with my daughter Traci and the darling Dennis who both already have degrees,
and have encouraged me all the way!

Now I am working on my next goal!

What are yours for 2011?

Carole :))

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i cried

I cried for the families of the 29 mine workers.
Claimed by Pike River Mine.

 If you love someone, let them know.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

hardship and suffering....

There is nothing like a little bit of motivation to spur you on in times of hardship and suffering.

I thought that dangling the chocolate bar from a length of string in front of the treadmill really wasn't working for me.

Especially after my last nights torturous session slogging it out for 30 mins at an extremely fast pace, I somehow managed to find enough energy to make it to the fridge where I drank a litre of lemonade to quench the thirst, and grabbed a hand full of chocolate biscuits to give me the energy to cook tea!

I thought it was perhaps time to try a different tactic!

Perhaps I will try a slightly different form of motivation in the form of the one and only Oliver Reed!

Oh my, and let me tell you this, I've got a bit of a thing for the man who had two goals in life.
1. drink every bar dry
2. shag every woman he could

And just as I thought, I don't need the treadmill any longer. 
Nope, each time I stare at those eyes my heart rate increases!!
Works better than chocolate :)

He's right up there beside my Colin (oh and my Dennis!)

Oliver Reed
1938 to 1999
(All images taken from Google Images)

The treadmill is glaring at me! - I can hear it!!!

Who motivates you?

Carole :))

Friday, November 19, 2010

A little lamb progress report

They are happily playing in the front paddock by the road, but they will be gradually shifted to the paddock behind the house so that no one jumps over the front fence and pinches them for Christmas dinner!
They are so cute when they are lambs!
Carole :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Block #4 is finished!

During my "pre-work" days, I used to keep a container with my hand-stitching gear in it on the coffee table in the lounge. It came in handy each night when I would sit down for the evening to do some stitching while I listened to my favorite programmes on the tv.

Now that I'm working I am finding that I don't get time to actually sit in front of the tv, so of course I'm not getting any stitching done either! My progress has slowed.
But I'm excited to say that I've finished Miss Maude Block four! 

And don't you think she is one darn house proud mouse?
Two more blocks to finish!

Hope your week is going well!
Carole :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

a busy weekend

On the weekend we drove to Martinborough to visit with friends who breed highland cattle. 
They were having a"meet the new calves" BBQ lunch. 
There was plenty of car parking, fresh air, food, sun and calves.

Then Saturday night I went to the Gin Wigmore concert at the Regent with friends.
Isn't it fun when you can sing along to the song, as loud as you can and no one can hear that you're singing out of tune?!

The couple dancing on stage - he had publicly proposed to her and she said yes, while Gin played her 'I do" song. How cool, how embarrassing!!

Did you do anything different and fun this weekend?
Carole :))

Thursday, November 11, 2010

can't have too much of this....

A little something that arrived on my birthday.

Pretty cool aye? 
Hope you're having a fab week!
Carole :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

planning revenge.....

Don't know what's happening with all this work business? 
Since I started full time work I have been flopping into bed at night 
like I'd just got in from running a marathon!

It really is pathetic!

House work? HUH! I doubt it! 
Meals, well, just barely.
Blogging - yeah right!
T.V? Sometimes I make the news and weather,
and sex, -well you've gotta be kidding me!!!

I personally blame it on that damn treadmill! 
It totally vindictive,
I can hear it laughing at me every night when I pull my socks and shoes on.
It's a torture machine, for 30 minutes every night,
it stops me getting to the fridge and the chocolate 
biscuits I know are hidden in the back :))
I slide off the back of it, when it slows down in a lather of sweat,
in such a state of exhaustion that I don't have the energy to make it to the fridge! 

I slipped into bed last night listening to an audio book,
I was up to chapter 3.
I regained consciousness a couple of hours later and the woman was reading chapter 22
It really is very sad!

I just wanted to share these pics with you. While I'm still awake :)
This year I seemed to collect boxes, and are they gorgeous or what!
The very top box is wooden and was given to me by my sister.
The butterfly box above was given to me by my friend Di, and now has loads of laces stored in it.
And the wee box below was decorated by Margaret.

And it contained 50 items, one for every year of my life!
I love all my boxes, YAY! 
Just wanted to say thanks to you all for dropping by my blog too, 
my "answering every comment" manners have gone out the window.
I do love hearing from you though!

Hope you all have a great week!
Carole :))