Sunday, November 7, 2010

planning revenge.....

Don't know what's happening with all this work business? 
Since I started full time work I have been flopping into bed at night 
like I'd just got in from running a marathon!

It really is pathetic!

House work? HUH! I doubt it! 
Meals, well, just barely.
Blogging - yeah right!
T.V? Sometimes I make the news and weather,
and sex, -well you've gotta be kidding me!!!

I personally blame it on that damn treadmill! 
It totally vindictive,
I can hear it laughing at me every night when I pull my socks and shoes on.
It's a torture machine, for 30 minutes every night,
it stops me getting to the fridge and the chocolate 
biscuits I know are hidden in the back :))
I slide off the back of it, when it slows down in a lather of sweat,
in such a state of exhaustion that I don't have the energy to make it to the fridge! 

I slipped into bed last night listening to an audio book,
I was up to chapter 3.
I regained consciousness a couple of hours later and the woman was reading chapter 22
It really is very sad!

I just wanted to share these pics with you. While I'm still awake :)
This year I seemed to collect boxes, and are they gorgeous or what!
The very top box is wooden and was given to me by my sister.
The butterfly box above was given to me by my friend Di, and now has loads of laces stored in it.
And the wee box below was decorated by Margaret.

And it contained 50 items, one for every year of my life!
I love all my boxes, YAY! 
Just wanted to say thanks to you all for dropping by my blog too, 
my "answering every comment" manners have gone out the window.
I do love hearing from you though!

Hope you all have a great week!
Carole :))


Jenxo said...

hah! a welcome to my world!! although ive not got the energy or the kneess for the beautiful are boxes and what a lovely idea of 50 things from Margaret...
i was trying with comment thing but even that fallen by the wayside....

marigold jam said...

Treadmill eh? That's probably what's sapping the energy but maybe the body will get used to it in time? Those boxes are lovely and I especially like the idea of a box with something for every year of your life - mind you I'd need a bigger box myself!! I dont think it's possible to repsond to every comment so don't worry too much on that score.


By Hoki Quilts said...

LOL, I'm so sorry laughing at you but you and Deb(theangelandthepukeko) have sooo much in common - read her last post and you will know what I mean.
As for the exercise - it's a killer! When did you last see someone doing it and smiling - I rest my case.
sleepy hugs

Kayjay said...

I can sympathise with you Carole. work just wears me out and my evenings sewing are few and far between... or is that laziness haha. Treadmill.... eeekk!!
I love your boxes. Maybe I should start that to keep my gorgeous buttons in???

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I am picturing your relationship with your treadmill - very funny!!
I hired one for a couple of months - it sat in the garage on it's own most of the time except when my husband reminded me I was meant to use it.....
Love all your boxes and the stuff I can see peeking out of the bottom one - the wooden one at the top is my fave!
Shane x

Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said...

Well I love your boxes...and I could not stop laughing at your comments about the treadmill:) I do hope you still have enough energy to set some food out for the darling Buddy!!! You can send him over to me...I can babysit:)
Wishing you a great week!!!

ShabbyChicShaz said...

I hear what you're saying, work has that affect on me as well but you have a great way of putting it into words :)

Dorthe said...

Oh sweet I think, I understand you perfectly well--
Even my full-time job, is in my own shop, it takes all my strengh away, ..
producing my goods,-selling,-whenever a costumer shows up- doing the accounts- cleaning-a.s.o.
Sooo tired every evening--and then I -do have the opertunity to create in the middle of all----you don`t dear-- and home no time,too
-----must be frustrating....

your boxes are all so very beautifull..
Hugs, and happy sunday, from Dorthe

Nathalie Thompson said...

It's an adjustment, isn't it? The few times I work a full week at the PO, I am sapped! bravo for using your treadmill. IF I had one, it would just collect dust (like so many other things in my house!)

How clever of Margaret to include 50 things in your box!

Marva said...

Hey lady!!! You can do 30 min. on the evil machine? I practically die at 15 last time I used it, now I might make it 5... I really should get back to exercizing. Marva

Debrina said...

Ha ha. You made me laugh quite a bit there, Carole (and I'm at work too). Well, it is the arse end of lunchtime so I guess I'm entitled too (we have lunch late here). Anyway, try working full-time and then going home to a 2.5yr old. You can throw away the treadmill! Lol! Hope that makes you feel better (not having the 2.5 year old, that is!). Anyway, lovely boxes, and I must ask, how's your first year as 40 going? I'm that next year. You can prep me.

Maggie R said...

Oh Carole,,
I am sorry for laughing but honestly your description is really funny..... I don't have a treadmill and thank goodness for that!Sounds Evil!
A good walk or a work-out on my Gazelle is about enough for me.... and that can wear me down.
Mind you I am retired but do work in my studio almost 24/7,,,
As for your boxes... Oh My!!!! They are beautiful.
I have a thing for boxes... they are so loveable.. Have you ever seen a box that you could not resist lifting the lid??!!! For Me..... NOT!!!
Hang in there Carole...
You will get use to it!!

Margaret said...

DP ha ha, lovely post!! soooo know where you're coming from with the job thing, just makes you realise how much time you did have. I think I managed to post only once between Oct/Nov dress up! am so exhaussted by the time I get home! The pic on the tag is DH's mother and his Grandparents, one of my favs! Mrs Gxx

ms lottie said...

Ok, I was thinking about going back to work but you've just put me off! And I don't work and can't answer every comment, so you have a very good excuse.
Your 50th looked like a good time - Happy Birthday!