Monday, August 31, 2009

Bits of this and that

A couple of photos from the past few days.
I have been bottle feeding little lambs. Over the last few days we've removed some from the paddock and kept them in a shed over night as the weather has been so awful, they stay dry and warm in the shed. They seem so little.
Mmmm I wonder if they really need 2 mothers?

Last Friday I went into the Cloth Shop and Anna Williams was there for the day demonstrating her techniques for creating faces. She is well known for these faces and has won lots of awards. Her art quilts are also exhibited widely.
If you are in Wellington in October her quilts will be on display in the gallery at the NZ Quilter shop in Cuba Street.
In the bottom pic you can see a postirized image of the photo she bases her work on. She seldom uses traditional skin toned fabrics either, preferring to use quite different coloured fabrics.
Here she is quilting the fabric. She free motion stitches straight lines over the face and uses other patterns on the background.

This is one of Anna's well known and exhibited faces. Pretty neat eh!

Carole ;)

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'm completely stumped...
Just where have the last couple of days gone?? I woke up and it's Sunday!
If anyone has seen them, let me know!
carole ;-)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

awww shucks

I have, as you may have noticed, been given this award from my friend, the very talented Debbi from Aussie. Thank you Debbi, it really is nice to know that someone actually reads my blog, and that someone out there actually enjoys it! LOL

Now I kind of get disconbobulated when I get these lovely tags, as I would love to pass them on, but sometimes people just don't want them.
I am supposed to list 5 obsessions, and 5 blogs I would like to pass this onto.

So here go the obsessions:
--all things vintage, just what it is about age I've no idea? Maybe it's the idea of a history or a story behind the item?
--quilting fabric, I have a serious stash obsession!!
--lollies, actually food in general!
--blogging, it's really cutting into my creative time!
--chatting with email buddies, this is such a time waster - but OH MY, sooooo much fun!!

Now I'm going to list 5 bloggers who I would like to pass this onto, but absolutely no pressure!
--Ali, who is a machine, working hard, gardening hard and sewing hard!
--Traci, who has some neat pics on her blog!
--Ann, who is fanastic with card, paper and fabric!
--Joy, who always leaves me the nicest of comments!
--Shiree, who pops in to chat and is so busy she never has time to cook herself tea!

carole ;)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

it's hard being a lamb!

it's hard staying awake when you're a new born lamb

oh oh, here come the neighbours.....

nosey parkers!

gorgeous aren't they? now go away!

what was all that fuss about? ...we can hardly keep our eyes open!

This lamb watching is seriously cutting into my sewing time! LOL!
Carole ;)


Born this morning sometime before breakfast, they are only a few hours old.
Aren't they gorgeous!
(enough to make one want to turn vegetarian!! lol)
I will apologise now, as there are going to be more lamb pics!!
carole ;)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

madness and mess - better than watching t.v!

We have been in this house for nearly 5 years and we haven't had this happen before, this is totally new in the world of madness and mess! There's a first for everything!

Over the last 3 days we have had one sparrow after another come down the chimney, and find their way into the fire box. This has provided hours of entertainment and frustration for Buddy and Wednesday, much better than watching television.
How on earth could they get into that place to get that bird? They could also hear lots of chirping echoing down the chimney. (we need to check out the chimney!)
On 2 occasions I decided to open the large double doors and open the fire box door and hope the sparrow would just fly straight outside. I shut the cats in a bedroom. Amongst a cloud of ash, the sparrows did.
The 3rd time I tried this the silly bird missed the open doors and flew into a window and of course found itself in Wednesday's mouth, which of course, resulted with me throwing my hands round Wednesdays neck yelling "drop it drop it!!" She did. I rushed the bird outside and planted him on a branch in a tree. He sat there for a while and then flew off. None the worse for wear.
The 4th time the silly bird chose the closed window over the open doors again and this time Buddy, who was sunbathing outside somewhere, amazingly appeared from nowhere, zipped inside grabbed the sparrow and was gone! All in the blink of an eye! Right before me! However I sneaked after him, determined to prove that if there was a competition between Buddy and me, I was going to be the winner! Buddy was playing with the sparrow, he had put him down and the sparrow was hiding behind some shoes by a door. I sneaked up and gave Buddy the biggest fright, enough to divert his attention, (mean eh! lol) and in a blink the sparrow hopped into a space, and flew off!
I must say, Buddy gave me a filthy look! But I do prefer to hear the chirping of birds than to pick up feathers and half eaten bird bodies from all round the door!
Hope you are all enjoying an entertaining weekend!
Carole ;)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

some additions ... old and new!

A few small things have made their way into my sewing room lately. I consider these 4 very large, old cotton cotton reels a great find! They used to have linen thread on them, but I think they may be used to hold ribbon or maybe lace?
At the quilt show in Levin I picked up some more hand dyed silk ribbon from Cheryl of Cherry Pie Quilts fame, and everyone knows how much I love hand dyed silk ribbon right?! You just never know when you might need some!
Then I received this unmounted stamp set in the mail today, I was extremely lucky and won it on Rachel's Darkroom Door blog, ( was introducing her new range of stamps. This is the Prague series. Her stamps are all gorgeous, but more so when you win them! Thank you Rachel!
Today was my last day of university for 2 whole weeks. We are on mid-semester break. I do have an assignment to work on, but will do it over the 2 weeks, so no stress there. But having a break means I get to spend a bit more time in my sewing room!! And, if the weather stays good, hopefully I can spend time in my garden too.

Happy Thursday to you all,
Carole ;)

to michelle....

Michelle who left a comment on my blog and some links to look at
your first quilt, it is really gorgeous! But I can't email you back, so
I have no way of contacting you!
Carole ;)

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm taking time to smell the roses....

...or spring flowers, as the case may be! Remember all the bulbs I was planting, well all that back-breaking labour was worth it, just to be able to walk down the drive and pick a large bunch of these.

The next exciting event will be the arrival of our lambs! One week to go!
Carole ;)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quilt show anyone?

Yesterday my friend Christine and I went down to Levin, 30 mins from our homes to have a look at the Levin Town and Country Quilter's exhibition. (there were also merchant malls!!) There were some stunning quilts on display, and lots which offered inspiration and motivation. Here are just a few pics from things that caught my eye.

hand stitched!!

And because we were so exhausted from all our oohhing and aahhing and looking at everything in the shops we had to visit Whispers Cafe in the town centre for a large slice of Kumera and Orange cake!
Enjoy your weekend!
Carole ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

mess in a minute!

Don't you just hate it when you go to wrap a gift and discover you actually
don't have any gift wrap stashed away?

Impromptu wrapping paper! Pure fun!

Carole ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh darn, now I don't want to part with it!

You will find this beauty in my Etsy store.
It's a gorgeous lap quilt 60" x 46" with lots of stippling.
(Although it does look stunning on a table with a vase of roses on it! Or you could use it on a bed, or maybe snuggle under it on the sofa while you read.)
Handmade of the best quality cottons and a batting that's 80% cotton and 20% polyester which makes it easy to care for.

I've fallen in love with it myself now, darn, don't ya hate it when that happens!

Thanks for looking,
Carole :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

bursting on a spring day

Hope all my friends have had a fabulous weekend!
Here's to the week ahead!
Carole :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

clean clear sea air

A whole week has passed me by, I have been working on an assignment, reading, typing, more reading. Yesterday I managed to finish it and escape to the beach!
It was lovely walking on the sand, the sound of the waves, the salty sea air, people fishing, people walking their dogs. An elderly couple with a rug and a picnic basket.

No books, no cell phone, no computer.....just me, my man and my camera.
Carole ;)