Thursday, August 27, 2009

awww shucks

I have, as you may have noticed, been given this award from my friend, the very talented Debbi from Aussie. Thank you Debbi, it really is nice to know that someone actually reads my blog, and that someone out there actually enjoys it! LOL

Now I kind of get disconbobulated when I get these lovely tags, as I would love to pass them on, but sometimes people just don't want them.
I am supposed to list 5 obsessions, and 5 blogs I would like to pass this onto.

So here go the obsessions:
--all things vintage, just what it is about age I've no idea? Maybe it's the idea of a history or a story behind the item?
--quilting fabric, I have a serious stash obsession!!
--lollies, actually food in general!
--blogging, it's really cutting into my creative time!
--chatting with email buddies, this is such a time waster - but OH MY, sooooo much fun!!

Now I'm going to list 5 bloggers who I would like to pass this onto, but absolutely no pressure!
--Ali, who is a machine, working hard, gardening hard and sewing hard!
--Traci, who has some neat pics on her blog!
--Ann, who is fanastic with card, paper and fabric!
--Joy, who always leaves me the nicest of comments!
--Shiree, who pops in to chat and is so busy she never has time to cook herself tea!

carole ;)


Joy said...

Carole that's so sweet of you!!! Thank you so much :o)!!! I think you and I must be pretty similar, your obsessions are my obsessions too ;o). I'm with Debbie, I always enjoy your blog!!!
Joy :o)

Ali Honey said...

Thanks Carole. I enjoy your blog too. I am just back on line after having my computer fried in a thunderstorm very early Thursday morning. The surge protector didn't stop it. The lightning and thunder was SO close and quite scary.

Love your lambs!

Shiree said...

oh you are a treat Carole, Rowing man is hone this weekend, after a very busy day in the garden we have just finished kebabs from the Turkish shop, YUM! Thank you so much indeed for the very kind thoughts, and I am so very glad to have met you, and visit your blog!

Anneke said...

carole that is so sweet from you to give me this award.
thank you so much , it is an honor to get this.