Sunday, August 23, 2009

madness and mess - better than watching t.v!

We have been in this house for nearly 5 years and we haven't had this happen before, this is totally new in the world of madness and mess! There's a first for everything!

Over the last 3 days we have had one sparrow after another come down the chimney, and find their way into the fire box. This has provided hours of entertainment and frustration for Buddy and Wednesday, much better than watching television.
How on earth could they get into that place to get that bird? They could also hear lots of chirping echoing down the chimney. (we need to check out the chimney!)
On 2 occasions I decided to open the large double doors and open the fire box door and hope the sparrow would just fly straight outside. I shut the cats in a bedroom. Amongst a cloud of ash, the sparrows did.
The 3rd time I tried this the silly bird missed the open doors and flew into a window and of course found itself in Wednesday's mouth, which of course, resulted with me throwing my hands round Wednesdays neck yelling "drop it drop it!!" She did. I rushed the bird outside and planted him on a branch in a tree. He sat there for a while and then flew off. None the worse for wear.
The 4th time the silly bird chose the closed window over the open doors again and this time Buddy, who was sunbathing outside somewhere, amazingly appeared from nowhere, zipped inside grabbed the sparrow and was gone! All in the blink of an eye! Right before me! However I sneaked after him, determined to prove that if there was a competition between Buddy and me, I was going to be the winner! Buddy was playing with the sparrow, he had put him down and the sparrow was hiding behind some shoes by a door. I sneaked up and gave Buddy the biggest fright, enough to divert his attention, (mean eh! lol) and in a blink the sparrow hopped into a space, and flew off!
I must say, Buddy gave me a filthy look! But I do prefer to hear the chirping of birds than to pick up feathers and half eaten bird bodies from all round the door!
Hope you are all enjoying an entertaining weekend!
Carole ;)


Ali Honey said...

Two beautiful cats....doing what cats will do. They love the chase and the entertainment and playing with their catch. I am speaking from experience here. We have had a similar problem with a stove and chimney a bit similar to that.There will be a way to block it up with netting or similar.
Those 2 do look well entertained!

Jenxo said...

LOl we have sparrows come down ours too.

i open up the back sliding door but they inevitably knock themselves out on the front glass windows.

cats Huh!! they are devils...jenxo

Deb said...

Aww Carole, they look so funny sitting there mesmorised by the fire. Pleased the wee sparrows got out okay.

Joy said...

Carole those pics are hilarious!!! We've never had anything come down our chimney .... except Santa of course ;o). Maybe the birdies are a bit big around here, we don't get many sparrows.
Great post!!
Joy :o)

Linda said...

What great entertainment...for all of you. ha! Crazy birds.

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Too funny about the cats I mean. When the birdies go into our woodstove the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and I hate every minute of it. Silly silly birds!

Margaret said...

you need central heating mate!!! still laughing....