Monday, August 31, 2009

Bits of this and that

A couple of photos from the past few days.
I have been bottle feeding little lambs. Over the last few days we've removed some from the paddock and kept them in a shed over night as the weather has been so awful, they stay dry and warm in the shed. They seem so little.
Mmmm I wonder if they really need 2 mothers?

Last Friday I went into the Cloth Shop and Anna Williams was there for the day demonstrating her techniques for creating faces. She is well known for these faces and has won lots of awards. Her art quilts are also exhibited widely.
If you are in Wellington in October her quilts will be on display in the gallery at the NZ Quilter shop in Cuba Street.
In the bottom pic you can see a postirized image of the photo she bases her work on. She seldom uses traditional skin toned fabrics either, preferring to use quite different coloured fabrics.
Here she is quilting the fabric. She free motion stitches straight lines over the face and uses other patterns on the background.

This is one of Anna's well known and exhibited faces. Pretty neat eh!

Carole ;)


Marls said...

OMG I love that woman's face. I have worked in the Middle East so can relate well to that image.
What a great workshop to attend.

Linda said...

Those faces are incredible. But I like the lamb's face best of all. I'm sure two mothers are needed...and possibly some busybee aunts!

Shiree said...

oh Carole, how lucky to be able to get to see this woman in action, her work is just exquisite! You lucky thing you