Tuesday, September 1, 2009

An exciting meeting.....

Some of you will have already seen this post, I mucked up the type somehow and couldn't correct it. So I have deleted it in sheer frustration and will start again.
Unfortunately I can't remember what I wrote and I didn't do the copy and paste thing!
But anyway, yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy. She is from the States and lives in Salt Lake City. She has bought stuff from my Etsy Store and follows my blog, (she has yet to start one herself). She is in NZ briefly to attend a conference and was driving back towards Auckland, so we arranged to meet in PN for coffee.
Kathy is into mixed media art, collage and jewelry making, and it was so nice to spend some time talking with a like-minded soul about art! She also told me all about some of the fab classes she has done and some of the tutors she has met. I was very jealous!
We found we had several things in common, and we are both full time uni students studying in different areas of communication.

So we "speed chatted" for an hour and a half before she had to leave. It was lovely to meet you Kathy, and maybe we will get to do some swapping at a later date!

What a small world we live in!
Carole ;)


~*~Magpie's Nest said...

That is really special. who knew that the land of blog would connect people in such a special way...I Love it!!!

Doreen G said...

Ah that's better --you both look very happy.

Joy said...

How fabulous that you got to meet up!! Especially when you live so far apart :o).
Joy :o)

Margaret said...

so cool to meet up with an online buddy, I'm rather looking forward to that myself (and your cakes)Mxx

KatieScarlett said...

I finally have an internet connection to check back in to say how great it was to meet you!!!

I SO wish I'd had more time to hang out - and to come meet the lambies - but I was sure happy to at least have had the hour and a half that we did.

I've just come out of a meditation retreat for 6 days and have about 30 more hours of kiwi playtime before heading home :(.

I promise I'll return - and next time I'm leaving more time to spend in PN in my schedule.

And remember - you have an open door policy to visit Utah and all the amazing art and paper and stores.

Big hugs -