Sunday, August 31, 2008

A fab weekend!

Yesterday I spent the day sewing. This is what I made. It is an Amy Butler shoulder bag pattern. I love greens, and it has a little bit of yellow and orange, with orange lining and orange buttons. I am very pleased with how it turned out! I also made a small purse to go with it, one big enough to fit a lipstick and eftpos card!

Today was a beautiful day, SUN GLORIOUS SUN! I spent some time in my garden and managed to get all these little suckers in the ground! These are my seed potatoes which have spent a couple of months on the window sill sprouting.
Don't forget if you'd like to join in the swap there is still plenty of time! Scroll down for further info!

Hope you all had or are having a great weekend!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue swap

Scroll down for details of this swap - I believe Jenni has completed hers already!! This girl works at the speed of lightning!! Can't wait to see what she has created!!

No photos for you today, I'm recovering after a strategic planning meeting at work! LOL

Here is food for thought....

"There isn't any road to happiness.
Happiness is the road."

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Never ending week!

Hi blogging friends! This week seems to be stretching w a y out, but must be my imagination! I was so tired this afternoon when I got home that I had to take a "nana nap" on the sofa! LOL


Scroll down to the last post if you are interested in joining in! All the details are listed there. I need you to email me with your details if your keen!

Players are so far:
Nona from New Zealand
Margaret from Switzerland

Rayna from New Zealand
Pamela from USA
Carol from UK
Susan from USA
Jenni from Australia
Kate from UK
Carole (myself) from New Zealand

Dotti send me an email so I can explain the 'borrowed' aspect of the swap and I need an email/snail mail address! We all have things ummmm borrowed like old pieces jewellery, photos, books (which could be used for photocopying)... Oh hang on... maybe it's just me??? LOL!


This lovely arch arrived this week from Annette in England. Isn't it beautiful? It was a swap with the Textile Challenges Group. Annette, I was blown away by all the work and stitches you put into this! I love it!Here are a couple of close-up pics so you can see just how much work Annette put into this!

Just beautiful!

Moving on, last night I went to quilting class. It runs every Wed night at The Cloth Shop in town. It's more of a social class and everyone is working on something different. I have taken into my possession the quilt our coffee and craft group at work was making. It had been tacked and is waiting on quilting. Guess who got the job?????
Yep, so I took that to work on last night.
It's all made from scraps except for the sashings and backing material. I managed to get all the centre piece quilted, but have yet to finish the sashings and then bindings. It's starting to come together nicely now. Some of you may remember it from earlier postings. When the quilt is finished we will give it away to a charity.

Well must off, McLeods Daughters is back on tv, the last season! Have to go watch it!
Hope you are all well.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Is anyone interested in playing with me?

I have decided to be adventurous!
Who would like to join in the fun??
I am going to run a swap from the pages of my to hear more?

It's make art time!!

"Something old, something new,
something borrowed, something blue!"

Make a piece of art, anything, the choice is yours as to what it resembles, and it can be made of any medium, fabric, paper, collage, painted, felted, quilted... It could be a postcard, it could be an ATC, it could be a quilt journal, it could even be a piece of handmade jewellery or an altered tin, depends totally on your imagination!
Size - any size but no larger than 6 inches by 6 inches. Remember, these are going to travel the world!

BUT... REMEMBER it must include something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!

All the pieces of art need to be mailed to me by the end of Sept, and I will in turn, at the end of Sept, mail them out to another artist who is participating.
For those of you overseas, (not in New Zealand) please include some extra art supplies (fibres, ephemera, charms etc...) in place of the postage. For those in New Zealand who would like to play, please include $5.00 to cover packaging and postage.
If you'd like to join in, email me at:
Any questions please ask!

Spread the word, tell your friends,
Let's see who's adventurous too!
Let's see who borrowed what, and never gave it back!!
Let the fun begin!


A fabric arch

I finished work on this arch I'm making for Patsy in the Textile Challenges group. She wanted something that looked a little old, and said she like lace etc... I soaked some calico, muslin and lace in coffee first, the sandwhiched them together leaving the edges open. I'm not sure if it looks "old", but it feels nice, it's very tactile. It has buttons, beads, lace, charm, stamps and a photo on it. It's quite different for me.
GUESS WHAT???? ...... Give up right now, you'll never guess! We had about 6 hours of weak sunshine today! Whoopee! At least it was sun, .....and then, it rained!

Have a great Monday everyone!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gotta think about something exciting....

Yep, you guessed it, raining again, and it's going to hang around all day!
This time last year I did a photographic course down in the South Island in and around Queenstown. In another two weeks I am heading back down to do another landscape photographic course!! Can't wait! Although this time I'll be based at Haast on the coast, the scenery is stunning! What's more exciting, is that work is paying for everything!
This photo was taken last year.
I have been working on a piece to swap with Patsy, but it's so dull here that the lightings not that good. You will have to wait for the photos.

Debbi - if you happen to be reading this, I've finished your ATC booklet! It should be in the mail to you this week sometime! (and I'm not posting any pics until you get it, so it will remain a surprise!!)

If you're having a sunny day somewhere out there - ENJOY IT!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wash my mouth out with soap......


This morning I checked the rain guage again and added up the amounts collected. In the last 2 months we have had 374mm rain.

With that I had to include a pic of these beautiful spring bulbs flowering. Mum gave me these bulbs, I have about 4 mass plantings of them in between the yellow daffodils. They smell devine!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

PS Margaret, what is the tin project you will be working on?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh Goody - more rain!

Three days ago we awoke to this beautiful morning! A clear sky, and another dusting of snow on the hills across the road. This is a rare sight indeed, but to happen twice in one winter is totally amazing! The sun was very welcome and it's amazing how positive things seem after a good dose of sun!
However, we are back to pouring rain again today! The ground is so waterlogged there is nowhere for it to drain to. There are slips everywhere along the road ways. It seems like Saturday sports will be cancelled again tomorrow. The radio this morning predicted that there will start to be an upward trend in children wanting to play indoor sports.....
Well, anyway, moving right along! Last night Denise, Heather and I went to Night of Paper Passion. It is held in the local scrap booking store in town and is for scrapbookers, but I go along and work on my altered book. Heather and Denise work on their scrap books. It is the 2nd night we've been.

They always start the evening with a quizz, YAY! I won 2 answers correctly and won two prizes, this is followed by a class of some description. Tonight it was decorating a CD cover. Mmmmm, not really me, but I went along with it, hey, you never know when you might need a blinged up cd case!

We were using these stickers, and it was called "Peel craft" Below is my finished case.

Below is Heather's finished case.

This one belongs to Denise.

Then we used a cuttlebug and made these little gift cards to go with them. I loved the embossing effect, but I won't be rushing right out to buy one!

Hope someone somewhere is laying in the sun! Enjoy it for me will you!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jewellery making class....

Last night I organized a jewellery making class at work. I got a lady in to tutor who owns a gallery and makes stunning necklaces, bracelets and earrings. All the participants paid $5.00 to the tutor for beads wire etc...
We were taught the basics as everyone was a beginner. So basic earrings and a basic necklace. However our tutor did give us all lots of ideas to build on what we had learnt.

We had four mums come with their daughters, which was pleasing to see. I was amused by the number of people who when concentrating worked with their mouths open! ! LOL!

I now have to come up with some more ideas for classes. I am trying to hold one class each month. I did suggest an evening of car matinence but there was very little enthusiasm for that one! LOL.

These are my completed earrings and necklace to match.

Annette from Too Many Ideas! Thanks for dropping in, you are most welcome to drop by again anytime!
Cindy! Hi! Just pop on in anytime, help yourself to tea and cake, - oh that's right, I ate all the cake! haha, (i think I was a pig in another life! lol) Never mind, just make yourself right at home!

Hope you are all having a fantastic day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another draw.......

Just to let you all know that I still have one piece of unclaimed silk paper here....sooooo..... I'm making another draw.....

!!Margaret of Alice and Camilla fame you're next in line!

Congrats. You need to send me your address so I can get it in the mail to you!


Well it does kind of look christmassy, don't you think? It is my new arch sent to me from Jan in the UK. WOW! it is incredible, Jan must have put some amazing work into this arch. I love the colours, the stitching, the beading and the texture! Especially the texture!

Also included in my package was this little ATC! I love the texture. Gosh Jan, where do you get these ideas??

If that wasn't enough I discovered another little package inside the envelope, and just look at all the bits and pieces! I couldn't believe my eyes! Just think of the fun I shall have with these, and I love the colour scheme!

AND then I found this little envelope.......
And guess what was inside? Isn't it lovely?

I feel totally spoilt! Thank you so Much Jan, it was such a lovely surprise!

While I'm posting, I must just say thanks to all of you who visited recently and left comments about my altered book I'm working on. Thank you I really appreciate your feedback! And please come visit again sometime!

Monday, August 18, 2008


AN AWARD!! I just can't believe it! Debbi in Australia has given me an "I love your blog" award!! How cool is that? Thanks Debbi, can you tell I'm excited about it!! (I'm using lots of !!!'s which is a dead give-away!! and puffing my chest out, teehee)

Now comes another exciting bit - The rules, there are rules, I know,
(1) The winner can put the logo on their blog.
(2) Link the person you received your award from.
(3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
(4) Put links of those blogs on yours.
(5) Leave a message on the blogs you have nominated.
I hope I get all this right!

Didn't know how to choose which blogs I should pass it onto? So I decided to send it to the last 7 blogs I checked in the last 24 hours.


Thanks again Debbi!!

A book worth reading!

Maragret, I agree with you - If you haven't discovered this book and you are newish to altering books, it's well worth a read! Nona in Wellington has loaned it to me, thanks Nona!!! (I've read it twice already!)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another page almost finished

This is the latest page to be finished. I started it some time ago, glued on the tissue and waited.... I kind of like it, but think I might have to do something about the red. It kind of hits you in the eye. Hmmmm another PiP (page in progress)
This page above has both corners cut off so you can see the page underneath showing thru. I don't have many pages to finish now!
Thanks to Fannie, Cindy, Lizbethem and Linda who left comments about my last post. It's really good to get some feed back! Comments and advice are appreciated!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A new page is finished ...I think?

This the latest page to be completed in my altered book. I cut a niche out of the back pages to put in my small altered tin. (which was totally inspired by Scary Cheri!!) The tin has been opened up and glued in. The pages look very mustard in colour, but are more old gold looking.

I found this drawing in a piece of sheet music, isn't it lovely? The poem goes:

"The night wind sighs, our gondola flies
Across the dark lagoon;
The city sleeps, and well she keeps
Her watch, the gentle Moon,
For with her light, she guides our flight
Across the silver sea,
We are alone! The world, my own,
Doth hold but you and me."

I decided that I didn't like the little clay heart I had on the left so made a small fabric one to replace it. Then I added some text. Of course getting the text into place I broke the stem off the rose! I was annoyed at myself for this, I don't like the rose without a stem!! What do you think?

I have also starting prepping another spread. I added a piece of lace I had, I want to build up some texture.

It's still raining here, surprise, surprise! Oh well, good weather for staying indoors and creating!
Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Friday already!

Some of my post card collection

I can't believe it's Friday already and I haven't posted for a week! This week has been busy at work, late nights. Next week will be easier and MORE FUN! This months issue of the paper has gone to print, I have designed invitations for a "fabulous tea party" (glorified happy hour) for the boss, printed 400 flyers advertising a "make your own jewellery" evening next week. I AM GOING TO MAKE SURE NEXT WEEK IS A BIT SLOWER!

Actually, next week will be quite creative, Tuesday I have to sort photos for an exhibition, Wed night I have organised the jewellery class at work. Nothing fancy, just simple stuff, I am not tutoring, but will go along to make sure everything runs smoothly. On Thursday night along with 2 friends I am going to "Night of Paper Passion" starts at 6.30pm and goes till midnight! I will take my camera this time see if I can get some pics. Most of the people attending work on scrapbooking projects, but I have my altered book to work on, and also an ATC sized book for Debbi. (How's the progress Debbi? I'm almost done!)

It looks like I may have to do 1 more draw for the silk this space!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Doesn't bright yellow just cheer you up no end?

These are some of my lovely daffodils, they are planted almost all the way down the drive way. I still need approx 500 more to complete it. (there's my house, waaaaaay down the end there)
And just had to show you my lachanelias, great mood lifters!!!
No art work to show you today, should have some soon for you. Have been working on my altered book and a small project for a swap with Debbi.
Until then, keep well

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ok, so I've been away for a week.....

What an amazing week that was, and so many comments! I honestly wasn't expecting that many!! When I get sick of watching the olympics on tv I will be visiting blogs and exploring your talents!! I also think I need to work on something more exciting for the next giveaway, mmmm, I hope I make 200 posts!

So many things have happened over the last week. First off we got a new boss at work. You probably all know the type, young, trillions of ideas, loud, likes to delegate, sits back and takes the credit.
I'll wait a little longer before I pass judgement, but I came home on Friday night exhausted. She's hard work!

My daffodils are flowering! Yay! I get such a kick out of picking them whenever I want - for free! Makes all that hard back-breaking work planting them worthwhile.

On Wednesday I took the day off (using a sick day). I had arranged with a crafting friend from Wellington, Nona, to come up to Palmerston North for the day. Nona and I have never met, how exciting is this? So being International Op Shop week in Palmy, we visited all the op shops and second hands stores. What a fun day we had. AND WHAT TREASURES WE FOUND!
Some cotton lace,
pieces of linen, each 5" x 8", the round ones are 7" in diameter,
and look at these random bits I picked up for use on an altered book!
drooling yet? These are only some of the things I found.
Here are some more daffs for you! (I have them all over the house!)
I was also told that it has been confirmed that I am going on a photographic course in September down in the south island. WOOHOO! Staying in a World Heritage Hotel, all meals, flights, rental car, meals and the 4 day course paid for by work!! I can start getting excited about it now! The scenery will be some of New Zealand's best. I am flying to Wanaka, driving to Haast, driving to Hokatika and flying back to Palmy. I will spend the 4 days in Haast, I've never been there before. It will be full on tho, up at 6am every morning and won't finish until approx 9pm. No time for "nana naps" during the day!

Will see you all again tomorrow, until then thanks again for your wonderful comments, they are very much appreciated!