Sunday, August 10, 2008

TAH DAH........

(sorry about that lead up, couldn't help myself!)

The moment has come! (and I added you two late girls in, out of solidarity, I'm always pushing the boundaries myself!!)

So, in go all your names, and because some of you left more than one comment, I added your name more than once!

Then to scrunch them up and mix in........ a touch of good luck, a sprinkle of good wishes, eye of newt, toe of frog, (oops sorry, wrong mixture! tee hee) SWIRL AROUND...........


CONGRATS TO JACQUELINE and LYNDA (aka purple missus).

Well you know what comes next girls - yep I need your addresses. You can email me at: and I'll get those gifts into the mail for you!

Now I have kept all the other names in the bowl and I will hang onto those for 1 week, if I don't hear from the winners I will make another draw.

I am sorry I can't send to everyone, you could keep your fingers crossed the other two don't send me their addresses! Guess now I have some fantastic blogs to catch up on!

Oh and I want to say a special thanks to Debmarie - why?? Cause it's the first time anyone has written me a poem! How super cool is that? And how clever is Debmarie???


1 comment:

Gudonya! said...


You are too sweet, ma'am! I would write you ten poems to get a piece of your gorgeous silk paper! It is truly beautiful! Is it bad form to keep my fingers crossed that nobody contacts you with their addresses? Thought so...

xo debmarie xo