Thursday, August 28, 2008

Never ending week!

Hi blogging friends! This week seems to be stretching w a y out, but must be my imagination! I was so tired this afternoon when I got home that I had to take a "nana nap" on the sofa! LOL


Scroll down to the last post if you are interested in joining in! All the details are listed there. I need you to email me with your details if your keen!

Players are so far:
Nona from New Zealand
Margaret from Switzerland

Rayna from New Zealand
Pamela from USA
Carol from UK
Susan from USA
Jenni from Australia
Kate from UK
Carole (myself) from New Zealand

Dotti send me an email so I can explain the 'borrowed' aspect of the swap and I need an email/snail mail address! We all have things ummmm borrowed like old pieces jewellery, photos, books (which could be used for photocopying)... Oh hang on... maybe it's just me??? LOL!


This lovely arch arrived this week from Annette in England. Isn't it beautiful? It was a swap with the Textile Challenges Group. Annette, I was blown away by all the work and stitches you put into this! I love it!Here are a couple of close-up pics so you can see just how much work Annette put into this!

Just beautiful!

Moving on, last night I went to quilting class. It runs every Wed night at The Cloth Shop in town. It's more of a social class and everyone is working on something different. I have taken into my possession the quilt our coffee and craft group at work was making. It had been tacked and is waiting on quilting. Guess who got the job?????
Yep, so I took that to work on last night.
It's all made from scraps except for the sashings and backing material. I managed to get all the centre piece quilted, but have yet to finish the sashings and then bindings. It's starting to come together nicely now. Some of you may remember it from earlier postings. When the quilt is finished we will give it away to a charity.

Well must off, McLeods Daughters is back on tv, the last season! Have to go watch it!
Hope you are all well.

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