Saturday, August 16, 2008

A new page is finished ...I think?

This the latest page to be completed in my altered book. I cut a niche out of the back pages to put in my small altered tin. (which was totally inspired by Scary Cheri!!) The tin has been opened up and glued in. The pages look very mustard in colour, but are more old gold looking.

I found this drawing in a piece of sheet music, isn't it lovely? The poem goes:

"The night wind sighs, our gondola flies
Across the dark lagoon;
The city sleeps, and well she keeps
Her watch, the gentle Moon,
For with her light, she guides our flight
Across the silver sea,
We are alone! The world, my own,
Doth hold but you and me."

I decided that I didn't like the little clay heart I had on the left so made a small fabric one to replace it. Then I added some text. Of course getting the text into place I broke the stem off the rose! I was annoyed at myself for this, I don't like the rose without a stem!! What do you think?

I have also starting prepping another spread. I added a piece of lace I had, I want to build up some texture.

It's still raining here, surprise, surprise! Oh well, good weather for staying indoors and creating!
Hope you are all having a great weekend!


Fannie said...

Very nice, Carole. Love the vintage, shabby chic look.

cindy said...

Beautiful work! I especially love the niche and how you filled it. I haven't worked up to adding a niche in a book yet.
You also have a fun blog. I enjoyed looking around!

Anonymous said...

You are off to a great start! Sorry about the rose stem...I wonder ifyou can glue it on or somehow fake it? Love all the texture!

Linda East said...

Kiwi...your book is soooo beautiful...the poem is perfect with the image you the use of the lace for texture...
Linda (Okla)

The Paris Salon said...

Your book is beautiful Carole! I like the tin as it is, no-stem-rose and all! The colors here are so soft and understated, great accompaniment for the romantic elements...

Penney said...

I love the altered tin niche with the rose bud. I will have to try this, I have a bazillion of both!


ScaryCheri said...

oh Carole how beautiful. I love how you did your tin. I am working on a niche in mine but thin enough for a pressed flower I have. You have so much texture going on in your book. Are you going to do a tutorial on how you did the pages? I am interested in knowing how you attached the lace and how you got all your textures. Back on the road tomorrow I guess, whaaaa. Had so much fun getting sticky doing art today, lol. Oh well. Hugz and I will try and keep up with you while i am gone if hubby lets me, lol. Scary

Andrea said...

Beautiful! I love the fabric heart it looks amazing with the colors of the rose - very pretty!