Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Friday already!

Some of my post card collection

I can't believe it's Friday already and I haven't posted for a week! This week has been busy at work, late nights. Next week will be easier and MORE FUN! This months issue of the paper has gone to print, I have designed invitations for a "fabulous tea party" (glorified happy hour) for the boss, printed 400 flyers advertising a "make your own jewellery" evening next week. I AM GOING TO MAKE SURE NEXT WEEK IS A BIT SLOWER!

Actually, next week will be quite creative, Tuesday I have to sort photos for an exhibition, Wed night I have organised the jewellery class at work. Nothing fancy, just simple stuff, I am not tutoring, but will go along to make sure everything runs smoothly. On Thursday night along with 2 friends I am going to "Night of Paper Passion" starts at 6.30pm and goes till midnight! I will take my camera this time see if I can get some pics. Most of the people attending work on scrapbooking projects, but I have my altered book to work on, and also an ATC sized book for Debbi. (How's the progress Debbi? I'm almost done!)

It looks like I may have to do 1 more draw for the silk this space!


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