Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another page almost finished

This is the latest page to be finished. I started it some time ago, glued on the tissue and waited.... I kind of like it, but think I might have to do something about the red. It kind of hits you in the eye. Hmmmm another PiP (page in progress)
This page above has both corners cut off so you can see the page underneath showing thru. I don't have many pages to finish now!
Thanks to Fannie, Cindy, Lizbethem and Linda who left comments about my last post. It's really good to get some feed back! Comments and advice are appreciated!


V said...

great book! I'm glad you asked for feedback. It's a great way to get different perspectives. I, for one, love the red. It does make "it's" stand out....and it reminded me of the beginning of "Monty Python's Flying Circus" (that's a positive comment).
Really fun work!

Margaret said...

Carole, you are rockin' these pages are beautiful, so much texture and feeling esp the rose. Could you make a small wire stem and cover it with a bit of fabric? Thanks for your comments on my blog, thought the mention of cake would wake you up :)

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Carole! I hope you don't mind but I just passed on an award to you (because I love your blog!) - details are on my blog! For me, I think the red bit is a bit too red in comparison with the rest of the pages - you could always add a bit of red in small doses elsewhere on the page perhaps?

ScaryCheri said...

absolutely so cool. I haven't scanned any of mine yet but they aren't anything as cool as yours. I am going to get that workshop book. I had Beth Cote's and lost in and just found it so going to play with that until the workshop book comes and I get home again. Will try and get back on later to check out more. Thanks for the blog award. Hugz, Scary

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

I didn't know you were into altered books Ms Carole! What a lot of lovely pages you've created!
oxo Happy Birthday weekend ... let the celebration continue! ;)

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

oh I missed a chance to put in my two cents long after it means anything LOL
I would put a bit of red on the right hand page as well to tie it in, pink and red are great together!!!