Saturday, August 2, 2008

WOWEE! An exciting parcel arrives!!

This morning this package arrived! It was from Scary! It was all very exciting, it revealed a packet of Oreo cookies/biscuits and MY VERY FIRST ALTERED TIN! It was all tied up in lovely ribbon and there was a little tag. It was lovely!
Well, what can I say? Except THANK YOU SO MUCH! I scoffed all the biscuits (in about 2 mins) they were delicious.
On to explore the little tin. I love the colours, there was fabric covering all the surfaces, with a little pressed viola on the cover and inside. I love anything with a garden theme, so this is so appropriate.
Under the glass stone, is the word 'keep', then inside on the left is 'one is silver, the other gold' with a beautiful dragonfly stamp. There are tiny beads sewn on too.
On the right hand side of the tin is the cutest, smallest bottle I have ever seen! Now it has something in it, and I'm not sure what, but I'm betting they are viola seeds? Am I right Scary? And on the outside of the bottle is a wee dragonfly charm! It is just the loveliest little treasure!
After I had finished munching on those biscuits, I decided to make some more silk paper, which got blown round something awful outside, but they are looking good!
I managed to get out and pick a vase of spring flowers for the table. Aren't they cheerful!!!!! Just what I need!
Then this afternoon I made some date scones for afternoon tea, yummy with good old New Zealand butter. Mmmmmm, makes one think I spend all my time eating? LOL
Well bloggers there is something exciting coming soon, so stay tuned.... I'm about to turn 100!



Debbi Baker said...

Such a great post Carole - I could smell the scone!! Beautiful mail too, lucky you. Love the way you provide such great photos of everything. You must have been so glad to see the flowers survived all that rain.

Purple Missus said...

Just been catching up on your blog - theres an awful lot of food on here *LOL*
And some great pieces of work too. Like the idea of your clay tiles.

ScaryCheri said...

you are most welcome on the tin, The seeds are mustard sees. I needed to stick with the orange/yellow scheme, lol. If I send you anything else I will definitely include one of those small bottles. Never thought of that silly me, lol. I hope you like my dollar store find of the ribbon. Got 125 yards of ribbon I had been buying online for $1 a yard. What a great find that was. Love the flowers you posted and those scones look absolutely yummy. You must have some sort of special pan to cook those in to get the neat shape? Can't say as I have ever had a scone before. Do you have Oreo cookies down there or were they something new for you? I was hoping they were. We dip them in milk up here. At least the hubby and about half the country do. They aren't my fav so I don't eat them much but the grandkids love to twist them open and eat the frosting, lol. Off to shower, hugz

Moonwillow said...

Oh yummie! can I have a bite please? My grandfather use to love scones, he was from Holland. They had a special cookie too but I don't know the name it was something like a spectula?msp for sure there. They sell scones at a bakery here but by the time I get to go they are gone or stale. LOL guess I will have to learn to make my own.