Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh Goody - more rain!

Three days ago we awoke to this beautiful morning! A clear sky, and another dusting of snow on the hills across the road. This is a rare sight indeed, but to happen twice in one winter is totally amazing! The sun was very welcome and it's amazing how positive things seem after a good dose of sun!
However, we are back to pouring rain again today! The ground is so waterlogged there is nowhere for it to drain to. There are slips everywhere along the road ways. It seems like Saturday sports will be cancelled again tomorrow. The radio this morning predicted that there will start to be an upward trend in children wanting to play indoor sports.....
Well, anyway, moving right along! Last night Denise, Heather and I went to Night of Paper Passion. It is held in the local scrap booking store in town and is for scrapbookers, but I go along and work on my altered book. Heather and Denise work on their scrap books. It is the 2nd night we've been.

They always start the evening with a quizz, YAY! I won 2 answers correctly and won two prizes, this is followed by a class of some description. Tonight it was decorating a CD cover. Mmmmm, not really me, but I went along with it, hey, you never know when you might need a blinged up cd case!

We were using these stickers, and it was called "Peel craft" Below is my finished case.

Below is Heather's finished case.

This one belongs to Denise.

Then we used a cuttlebug and made these little gift cards to go with them. I loved the embossing effect, but I won't be rushing right out to buy one!

Hope someone somewhere is laying in the sun! Enjoy it for me will you!!

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Margaret said...

Hi Carole you've inspired me on the class front, have managed to get some friends tog for an evening later in Sept making tinnie-cans (idea was on one of the French sites)Love the first pic without the rain! you don't see that kind of light here. M