Monday, August 4, 2008

Holidays over, back to work!

Well it's back to work after a weeks holiday. It managed to rain everyday, 3 days without power, and 2 days you had to dress for world war 3 just to walk to letterbox to collect the mail! Fantastic!

However, I did get plenty of time to play in my sewing room! Rainy weather is perfect for that! Not much spring cleaning got done, it will have to wait. This mornings mail bought the latest copy of Quilting Arts. I think it will be early to bed tonight with a nice cuppa and a good read! (I sat up till midnight last night watching The DaVinci Code on tv. I have seen it at the movies when it first came out and read the book, which was brilliant, but thought I'd watch it again. Enjoyed it just as much! (anyway, I'm waffling a bit here!)

Yesterday I worked on my altered book, I'm still debating about how I'm going to do the cover. I think it may make or break the book, so I'm too scared to do anything to it! However the insides are progressing.

I was very inspired by Scary's altered tin she sent me, and I had this little tin which I thought might be small enough to incorporate into the book some how. So I cut out a niche in the back pages and painted them and the tin fits neatly into the hole.

Now I just have to paint the tin, and do some altering! I haven't figured that one out yet. Does anyone know if I need to sand the tin first?
Yesterday I also worked on 2 small art journals. The covers on both are made of silk paper, but the inside pages are made from newspaper glued together and then painted. Very effective, that idea came from Donna Downey. Although hers probably looks way cooler than mine!!!

For your fun: the following two girls are having give-aways on their blogs, check out the fantastic gifts on Lindi's blog and Lila's blog!!
Well gotta go, hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


ScaryCheri said...

ohhh Carole, I love your books. news paper pages sounds so cool and I think it looks great. I did a paper bag scrapbook album for my mom. It was fun but I would do it different for my next one. Never thought of newspaper, Love the niche for your tin, yes you need to sand it first lightly so what ever medium you use has some tooth to hang on to.
I loved the DaVinci code too. Have you read his next book? Just as good. I read tons of books in a year. On a Princess Diana kick right now, reading books on her from the library. The one by her Butler was very good. Not sure how I am going to like the other 5 after that one, lol. Also reading a series on cats that I love. Currently on the Cat who Tailed A Thief. Just a fun kind of detective series. I love Siamese cats and this guy has a smart one that helps him solve crimes, lol. by Lilian Jackson Braun. I read everything i can get my hands on lately except romances or westerns, lol. I have a few fav authors that I have to buy as my local library is small and doesn't do sci fi much. ok off to bed. Have a wonderful day. Hugz Scary

Purple Missus said...

Ooh what a fabulous idea.I love boxes and tins at the best of times but to incorporate them in an altered book is just brilliant.
Any ideas what you are going to put in the tin?
(Something food inspired maybe? *LOL*)

Gudonya said...

Newspaper?? What a GREAT idea, Carole! I LOOOOVE these books! You've had me on the edge of my seat with your silk paper and I found a book through my library on it. I can hardly WAIT to get it. Thank you SO much for sharing your talent, woman! You truly inspire me!!

xo debmarie xo

Jacqueline said...

This is beautiful work - love these journals! What an idea to use newspapers as a base for the pages. I like the sewing that you did on the papers - might try that one out too!