Sunday, June 14, 2015

Teaching another journal class

This weekend some of the wonderful girls from the Kapiti Coast Quilters learnt how to make a journal.
Here are some of the photos from the weekend. 

Sara getting into the tea dying

Can anyone see Sue's green theme emerging?

The concentration was so loud. 

Merle's mixing it up! 

Sally tries her hand at water colouring using Neocolours.

Sara's birdhouse transfer, what bird wouldn't want to live at that address?

Harri's journal suddenly took a turn for the ..... Sink? 

Piles of lovely resources

Covers drying in the sun

Sooooo many uses for tea bags! 

Some finished journals, Sue's and Diana's

Merle's and Sally's

Harri's, Beryl's and Sara's

What a fantastic weekend, thanks for having me and I'm pleased you all enjoyed yourselves. You all made such wonderful journals!

If you know any clubs or groups that might like me to come teach this class, let me know. Lots of fun guaranteed! 

Carole x

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

And then there's Wednesday!

She watches me while I work in my studio. I must admit, it's better than laying all over my quilt as I try to stitch it! 

Carole x

Monday, June 1, 2015

A lovely weekend with the Pinestream Quilting girls

I had a lovely weekend with the girls from Pinestream Quilters in Wellington. There were three classes happening at the same time so I got to meet up with the lovely and very talented Shirley Mooney and also Jenny Hunter.
I was teaching my free motion class, 'The road to my house' and I was ready to get the girls creating! 
They were off to a great start, and even the two girls who said they either hadn't done any free motion stitching, or weren't confident at all were soon sewing like nothing you've ever seen before! 

One of the girls decided she didn't want to do houses or buildings, but she loves butterflies and she wanted to create a free motion sampler of butterflies! What do you think of her progress? Are they gorgeous! 

I was thrilled to see one of girls who had never done free motion stitching churning out wee stitcheries with loads of charm. Can you imagine what this one is going to look like after she's added some hand embroidery? 

These girls all worked on small pieces of fabric, and designed from memory, or from mind. Layout was fun, should this one go here, or here? 

Lots of experiments were happening - I love the fruit tea stains on this. It sure smelt good too! 

I hope I get to see these once they are finished. While in Wellington I got to stay at the Silverstream Retreat, right onsite. I had a beautiful room and everyone made me feel so welcome. 

I stayed in the Forest Wing.

I even got an invite to a 50th birthday dinner which was lovely! The meal was beautiful but my favourite was these gorgeous cupcakes! 

I also got to meet the very lovely Yvonne who owns Sawmillers Quiltery and check out her store and all the beautiful fabrics she had. And of course I definitely needed that fabric I bought!

I you'd like to see what Shirley was teaching you can visit her blog here..... for photos. 
Thank you to everyone who made my visit an enjoyable one, especially Shirley and her lovely neighbours and all the girls who took my class! 

Carole x