Sunday, June 14, 2015

Teaching another journal class

This weekend some of the wonderful girls from the Kapiti Coast Quilters learnt how to make a journal.
Here are some of the photos from the weekend. 

Sara getting into the tea dying

Can anyone see Sue's green theme emerging?

The concentration was so loud. 

Merle's mixing it up! 

Sally tries her hand at water colouring using Neocolours.

Sara's birdhouse transfer, what bird wouldn't want to live at that address?

Harri's journal suddenly took a turn for the ..... Sink? 

Piles of lovely resources

Covers drying in the sun

Sooooo many uses for tea bags! 

Some finished journals, Sue's and Diana's

Merle's and Sally's

Harri's, Beryl's and Sara's

What a fantastic weekend, thanks for having me and I'm pleased you all enjoyed yourselves. You all made such wonderful journals!

If you know any clubs or groups that might like me to come teach this class, let me know. Lots of fun guaranteed! 

Carole x


Nancy said...

Just beautiful! You must revel in all the wonderful supplies your students bring and use. They did a wonderful job.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's always amazing to see how so many people can take the exact same class and yet every project turns out so different. Looks like great fun!

Irene Pieters said...

oh, how lovely it would be to hop over from Holland and take this class with you! The journaals look amazing...

Maria Cross said...

They look awesome. Well done ladies.

Sue Rostron said...

The class was such a joy to do, you are a great tutor. I loved it and seriously want to do a Torrid Romance themed one!
Recommend the class to anyone who wants to try something new... Sadly you will not have our delicious scones, soups, truffles or handmade chocolates. Thanks to the ladies who made it happen and fed and watered us so well.

What a great weekend, great class, great learning with a fun and supportive group.. Wish we could do it all again.