Sunday, January 31, 2010

blogging buddies quilt

I have also been working on how I'm going to assemble my blogging buddies quilt. I wanted to use some of my stash of florals, and think I will go with this colour way. I think it's going to be a green coloured quilt, but will balance it out with more calico and some dusty red fabric to match the writing and flowers.
What do you think?

carole :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

almost finished

I took my sewing machine into The Cloth Shop to work on Mr Madness and Mess's quilt on Thursday. He hasn't seen it yet, but it was supposed to be for his birthday last Nov. I managed to get everything layered and have almost finished the quilting on it now. He used to be an art teacher, and loves colours. I have also been working on the McKenna Ryan quilt and I have almost finished quilting that too! Yay, I love it when a plan finally comes together!

carole :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

A beautiful morning and an atc arrives

Isn't that a delightful sight to wake up to in the morning, in Summer? It's actually quite refreshing after the heat of the day. And yes, it has stopped raining now for at least 2 days! LOL. Yesterday the temp. was reading 32 C here, although the news broadcast said 27.
There was dew all over the grass, I was tempted to go out and run around on it in my pjs!

A very pinkalicious atc arrived from Kate, and I have in return, sent a letter K back to her! Hope she likes it!

And, I just have to add - for the sake of all you dis-believers (and you know who you are! lol) Shelby did in fact eat the mouse! She has a history of it, and I could tell many tales of mad chases indoors on a Winters evening pre the cats, when we have both been trying to catch a mouse, and she has won! (Actually better fun than watching tv!) And her prize as she sees it, is to eat the mouse!! ROFL it really is a sight to see!

Carole :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A teaser for the swap girls

one's a brooch and one's a charm....
sorry to do this to you girls, but don't want to spoil your fun! LOL

Carole :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

WARNING!! A very emotional blog post!

I'll tell you now, if you are the least bit emotionally unstable, you're just not going to like this one little bit! It slides right in there with all the madness that traditionally happens round here, but it kind of brings a tear to the eye.

Ok, so you think you're up to it do you??? All right then, you have been warned - but better make sure you've got tissues! That's all I can say...

A couple of days ago, (I'm only getting over it now ), Wednesday bought home a guest. We love guests, except when they're large, hairy, creepy, bite, break into the house, or abuse our good nature.
This one was in the too cute department, and although I don't like the thought of them running round holidaying inside the house, eating everything in sight, after a catching and diving competition inside, Wednesday agreed to play nicely with her guest outside.

Of course as soon as she put the wee mouse down, it promptly ran and hid in Mr Madness and Mess's lawn-mowing shoe. I would think this would be a pretty tough environment, holed up in the toe of that thing!
However, it was nice and dark and Wednesday just couldn't get her paw quite far enough into the shoe, so he was safe for the time being.

Are you feeling slightly apprehensive yet??

Wednesday spent at least 20 minutes peering into the smelly darkness of that shoe. And finally her patience was rewarded. The wee mouse obviously couldn't take the confines of that shoe any longer and gave it up for the bright sunshine and refreshing outdoors.

Starting to get a wee bit nervous yet????

Now this mouse was the cutest darn mouse I have ever met. I must admit I have a distinct dislike of their larger cousins, the rat, but when it comes to mice, and especially the baby ones, I'm a sucker. I will happily catch them and carry them around, re-home them, as long as they aren't holding up inside the house, and I'm not going to experience one running over me while I'm sleeping innocently in bed, they can do whatever they please.

This BABY mouse was starting to look a little vulnerable now that he had been displaced from his shoe. He took refuge amongst the folds of my skirt. Now isn't that the most adorable thing!!
However, I don't think the poor wee thing quite grasped the concept of hiding all of it's body. I did get to have a lovely wee hold, and get to know it on a mouse-to-human basis.

Are you starting to get REALLY nervous???

Now just take a look at this cute wee BABY mouse. If you click on the pic you can even look at him closer. Isn't he just one of God's most cutest creations????
Look at those big eyes, and what about those really gorgeous wee ears? And his wee tail was so soft, and the way he twitched his nose and all the little whiskers moved.
And he is so innocent.

Wednesday, however, was keeping a close watch on her new friend. She wanted to play, but I think, between you and I, that she was a tad bit rough.

But then Shelby decided to pop out from her sleeping position in her basket and see what all the oohing and aahing was about.

Wednesday was very protective of this wee mouse, she didn't want Shelby to wander over and stand on him, the mouse was hers, after all.

But there were lots of interesting smells, and if there was a mouse to play with she wanted to be included in the game too!

She found the mouse trembling amongst a pile of garden stakes.
Without warning, there was a sharp intake of breath, and a sort of sucking noise, ... and that was it! The mouse was gone! Never to reappear again or ever be seen by Wednesday or I.

Wednesday and I were both devastated. The poor cute wee mouse with the big eyes and the prettiest ears, .....

Think I'm going to need the tissues again!

All in a days work for Shelby, who wandered off then to have a roll on the grass and a bit of a sleep in the sun.

And it wasn't even Shelby's house guest!

And don't say I didn't warn you!!

sniff ... Carole

Friday, January 22, 2010

Another stitchery arrives, woohoo!!

Will you just look at this wee gem! This is number 16 and was neatly stitched by Annie over in Australia. It's going to look stunning in my quilt, thank you so much Annie!!
Only 2 more blocks to go and I will be able to start putting it together! Yay!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Lesley Riley class

The class I took was entitled "How to grow wings". We made pages, and applied lots of transfers using TAP. (transfer artist paper).

Well - what do you think? I like the technique, however. I was a little disappointed that for the large amount of money spent, we only got a 10am to 4pm class and only got as far as colouring our pages.
Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

Carole :D

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the proof

Just had to pop this one in, proof of my introduction to Summer 2010! lol I stayed in there for about 2 hours, it was so nice!

One thing I learnt at my class, when buying acrylic paints, buy the ones with the most pigment in, they give you the most intense colours!
I will post some pics of my book, but I haven't taken any yet!

Carole :D
*Bad Penny, if you're reading this, I would like to answer some of your lovely comments, but I can't leave a comment on your blog, and you have no email contact. sorry:)

Monday, January 18, 2010

my weekend

Last Thursday I drove up to Auckland to attend a class tutored by Lesley Riley. You may be familiar with her TAP (transfer artist paper). She was visiting from America and in Auckland to take 4 classes. I traveled over 1200kms to take her class, (not to mention fees). My class was a book making class.

The weather was incredible the whole 4 days I was away. Beautiful blue skies, searing temps, 26, 30, and 27 degrees Celsius.
I didn't take many summer clothes, we are still having winter in Palmerston North (haha). I did take a rain coat - I really needed togs!

Here are some of the highlights from my weekend....

beautiful panoramas

my "How to grow wings" book making class

getting to spend a day with Lesley

walks in the warm evenings along the beach with my sister

a swim in the early morning in a borrowed swimsuit

discovering a treasure

Carole :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

little gems

taken from old shirts, these little gems
will go on a Rebecca Sower inspired sampler!

carole :)

Friday, January 15, 2010


don't you thing the best thing about imagination is the possibilities?
without any imagination things would be simple unexciting and
predictable in a planned sort of way.
but imagination gives birth to exciting ideas, adventures and creations!

what do you think could be in this nest? use your imagination.

carole :D

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

guilt ridden!

I've been on dog walking duties this week. And I'm feeling guilty. Three hedgehogs have been severely traumatized in the walking of this dog! I am hoping that they are 3 different ones! OMG - just think if it's the same one who has been running up and down the road hiding, and he's been snuffed out of hiding by Shelby and dropped in the mud and water and carted up the road in her mouth! The poor thing, I'm feeling more guilty now!Perhaps I should get a treadmill?
Carole :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our morning walk

I am in charge of dog walking duties for the next week. Shelby and I headed off this morning before breakfast to check out just what had been happening along the road during the night.

There are always many new smells that need checking out. There's always lots of long grass to run thru and lovely drains to run in.

Before long Shelby was onto something! There was something hidden in the grass. And lots of frantic scratching.

Finally she found her treasure, although I don't think the poor old hedgehog would have appreciated a large dog enthusiastically uncovering it, picking it up, and dropping it in the drain!

I made Shelby pick it up again and drop it in the grass. Here it is, tightly curled, all covered in mud!

Indeed, a very special treasure.
No Shelby, we can't bring it home!

Carole :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

I hope you are all ok

While this is happening in lots of spots around our lovely country,
and people are enjoying their summer holidays,
I know many of you in America and Britain are snowed in and suffering
from unusually heavy snow falls.
Keep warm and safe, I am thinking of you!

Carole :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Roses, butterflies and library cards

Inspired by Mrs G I decided I would spend a couple of hours playing with something that isn't fabric based.
I have a few old library cards which I wanted to use, but have been waiting for that 'light bulb' moment, when I think of something brilliant to make with them. I decided to have a go at making some tags.
However, that would involve paint. My first stumbling block. I am totally not good with paint and collaging images. They look a little novice, but I think they do fine for adding to my families birthday gifts!
I have used tissue, paint and some gorgeous German scraps that were sent to me by Mrs G. I have used Mod Podge to seal them, I like the shine. I don't like the way gel medium leaves definite brush strokes when it dries.

I like the textures, the bold rich colours, and the transparent nature of the tissue. I must admit I quite enjoyed this recycling project!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

recent gorgeous mail...

I was extremely spoilt over the last week with some very lovely mail arriving. First this gorgeous hanging arrived from Alice and Camilla. Margaret always manages to constantly create artwork that is perfect in my eyes. May be it is because paint is not my strong medium, so my attempts are always lacking in something.
Love the packaging with the wee cherub too! Thank you Margaret!

Then this wee box arrived in the mail from Linda. I have seen pictures of these wee houses on Linda's blog, but I was totally blown away to see it close-up! Just look at the lovely packaging too! It is gorgeous and must have taken Linda simply ages to make with all the wee fiddly pieces to cut and glue. It reminds me of a childhood Christmas with the wee old fashioned tree and the glitter.

The little house sits on the lid of a wee box, and tucked away inside are some lovely candy canes! Too cute, and of course those of you who follow my blog posts will know I love candy canes! This is indeed a treasure, and I can't thank you enough Linda for sending it to me!
What lovely mail to start the new year with!
Carole :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

*~Happy New Year to you all!~*

What a exciting way to start the new year!
Look what arrived in my mailbox, - a R.A.K! (random act of kindness) And, it was from Nathalie who knows how much I adore anything vintage!

And tucked inside were these 2 darlings! A sewing Susan, and a pair of embroidery scissors!

Thanks Nathalie, but talk about a tease! Look what else was tucked inside the envelope!
These 2 beauties are for next years Christmas advent calender! Just how cool is that? You might remember my advent calender from a few posts ago, with all the little bags on it. Well Nathalie thinks I should start filling those wee bags now, so when Christmas rolls around next year I am in for a treat indeed!! I will have to hide these away so they don't become a temptation! :) Pretty cool idea thanks Nathalie!

I hope all my blogging friends have a special start to the new year.
Here's to exciting treasures and creative goodness!

Carole :)