Tuesday, January 5, 2010

recent gorgeous mail...

I was extremely spoilt over the last week with some very lovely mail arriving. First this gorgeous hanging arrived from Alice and Camilla. Margaret always manages to constantly create artwork that is perfect in my eyes. May be it is because paint is not my strong medium, so my attempts are always lacking in something.
Love the packaging with the wee cherub too! Thank you Margaret!

Then this wee box arrived in the mail from Linda. I have seen pictures of these wee houses on Linda's blog, but I was totally blown away to see it close-up! Just look at the lovely packaging too! It is gorgeous and must have taken Linda simply ages to make with all the wee fiddly pieces to cut and glue. It reminds me of a childhood Christmas with the wee old fashioned tree and the glitter.

The little house sits on the lid of a wee box, and tucked away inside are some lovely candy canes! Too cute, and of course those of you who follow my blog posts will know I love candy canes! This is indeed a treasure, and I can't thank you enough Linda for sending it to me!
What lovely mail to start the new year with!
Carole :)


Margaret said...

What a great way to start the year, our favourite kind of post!glad you like the Xmas bits!

Linda said...

You just can't beat snail mail can you!!!!!!!