Saturday, January 23, 2010

WARNING!! A very emotional blog post!

I'll tell you now, if you are the least bit emotionally unstable, you're just not going to like this one little bit! It slides right in there with all the madness that traditionally happens round here, but it kind of brings a tear to the eye.

Ok, so you think you're up to it do you??? All right then, you have been warned - but better make sure you've got tissues! That's all I can say...

A couple of days ago, (I'm only getting over it now ), Wednesday bought home a guest. We love guests, except when they're large, hairy, creepy, bite, break into the house, or abuse our good nature.
This one was in the too cute department, and although I don't like the thought of them running round holidaying inside the house, eating everything in sight, after a catching and diving competition inside, Wednesday agreed to play nicely with her guest outside.

Of course as soon as she put the wee mouse down, it promptly ran and hid in Mr Madness and Mess's lawn-mowing shoe. I would think this would be a pretty tough environment, holed up in the toe of that thing!
However, it was nice and dark and Wednesday just couldn't get her paw quite far enough into the shoe, so he was safe for the time being.

Are you feeling slightly apprehensive yet??

Wednesday spent at least 20 minutes peering into the smelly darkness of that shoe. And finally her patience was rewarded. The wee mouse obviously couldn't take the confines of that shoe any longer and gave it up for the bright sunshine and refreshing outdoors.

Starting to get a wee bit nervous yet????

Now this mouse was the cutest darn mouse I have ever met. I must admit I have a distinct dislike of their larger cousins, the rat, but when it comes to mice, and especially the baby ones, I'm a sucker. I will happily catch them and carry them around, re-home them, as long as they aren't holding up inside the house, and I'm not going to experience one running over me while I'm sleeping innocently in bed, they can do whatever they please.

This BABY mouse was starting to look a little vulnerable now that he had been displaced from his shoe. He took refuge amongst the folds of my skirt. Now isn't that the most adorable thing!!
However, I don't think the poor wee thing quite grasped the concept of hiding all of it's body. I did get to have a lovely wee hold, and get to know it on a mouse-to-human basis.

Are you starting to get REALLY nervous???

Now just take a look at this cute wee BABY mouse. If you click on the pic you can even look at him closer. Isn't he just one of God's most cutest creations????
Look at those big eyes, and what about those really gorgeous wee ears? And his wee tail was so soft, and the way he twitched his nose and all the little whiskers moved.
And he is so innocent.

Wednesday, however, was keeping a close watch on her new friend. She wanted to play, but I think, between you and I, that she was a tad bit rough.

But then Shelby decided to pop out from her sleeping position in her basket and see what all the oohing and aahing was about.

Wednesday was very protective of this wee mouse, she didn't want Shelby to wander over and stand on him, the mouse was hers, after all.

But there were lots of interesting smells, and if there was a mouse to play with she wanted to be included in the game too!

She found the mouse trembling amongst a pile of garden stakes.
Without warning, there was a sharp intake of breath, and a sort of sucking noise, ... and that was it! The mouse was gone! Never to reappear again or ever be seen by Wednesday or I.

Wednesday and I were both devastated. The poor cute wee mouse with the big eyes and the prettiest ears, .....

Think I'm going to need the tissues again!

All in a days work for Shelby, who wandered off then to have a roll on the grass and a bit of a sleep in the sun.

And it wasn't even Shelby's house guest!

And don't say I didn't warn you!!

sniff ... Carole


Jenxo said...

lol i hate mice, id've been on the nearest chair i tell you....

good dog pat pat...jenxo

hope he didnt get indigestion...jenxo

Kayjay said...

haha that is such a cute story Carole. Good old Shelby.. nothing better than an entree huh. Poor Wednesday.. so cute.

By Hoki Quilts said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww, such a sweet wee story. What is it with animals at the moment? I'm still recovering from the other night. Don't think I could get into the emotional involvement of actually taking a liking to the cute wee thing, sob, sob.

LittleRed said...

What an absolutely adorable little mouse:) And how nice that Wednesday wanted to play with it. I hope, at least it was tasty.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

oh I was hoping you were pulling our leg on this one ... sweet precious little mousie not hurting anyone outdoors
it's a sad tale for sure ... bye bye gotta go

Linda said...

I'm NOT convinced that Shelby ate it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I am laughing so hard I am crying! Poor mouse! Hope the doggies doesn't get heartburn!

Debrina said...

Carole - I'm sending ALL my blogger friends over to this one! Truly, I'm just so GLAD you had the camera on you! That was the cutest blog posting I've ever read...
PS> I've just heard a rumour that Nina Bagley and Lesley Riley are coming here. Do you know this woman: Wendy Cooper? Is she also the one whose workshop guests you went to?

Anonymous said...

At least a mouse is better than a snake, not that I am too fond of mice. What a cute little fluff ball. Great photos. - Jenni S.

Jacq said...

What a great story. I think I remember another mouse story involving Shelby. It makes for good breath.

Nathalie Thompson said...

I am with Cher... if I am wiping tears, it is tears of LAUGHTER! HAHAHAHAHA. OH the IRONY! The mouse is adorable and what a cute, sweet story and then WHIFF, Shelby INGESTS the cute little furball. Or DID the dog REALLY eat the mouse?

Maybe Linda is right... Shelby didn't eat it. The mouse disappeared around the corner while you and Wednesday were distracted by Shelby. Smoke and mirrors perpetrated by the dog!

bad penny said...

Oh ! what an ending !

we have a few mouse - tales in this house but I was slightly horrified to see my hens fighting over and devouring a dead mouse one of the cats had left on the doorstep ! It was quite traumatising !

( have been enjoying seeing all the brooch & charm swaps going on )