Friday, January 15, 2010


don't you thing the best thing about imagination is the possibilities?
without any imagination things would be simple unexciting and
predictable in a planned sort of way.
but imagination gives birth to exciting ideas, adventures and creations!

what do you think could be in this nest? use your imagination.

carole :D


Debrina said...

Carole - great find!!! Beaut little nest. Any idea whose?? Just loved catching up with you in person the other day. I have put your atc in my collector's folder - pride of place.

Nathalie Thompson said...

Okay, so you are telling us it is NOT a bird?

My guess... mind you, I am using my IMAGINATION as instructed...
my guess is---a mud covered hedge hog! Final answer!

Ali Honey said...

I think 5 lovely little eggs.

But maybe its a small dragon?

bad penny said...

I don't know but I do know someone who would like to sit in it over on my blog ! he he