Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our morning walk

I am in charge of dog walking duties for the next week. Shelby and I headed off this morning before breakfast to check out just what had been happening along the road during the night.

There are always many new smells that need checking out. There's always lots of long grass to run thru and lovely drains to run in.

Before long Shelby was onto something! There was something hidden in the grass. And lots of frantic scratching.

Finally she found her treasure, although I don't think the poor old hedgehog would have appreciated a large dog enthusiastically uncovering it, picking it up, and dropping it in the drain!

I made Shelby pick it up again and drop it in the grass. Here it is, tightly curled, all covered in mud!

Indeed, a very special treasure.
No Shelby, we can't bring it home!

Carole :)


Nathalie Thompson said...

Well, if it weren't for Shelby, you would have missed Hedgie! What an interesting find! Are they native to NZ? I thought hedge hogs were an English thing (or did they come over on a boat?)

Deb said...

Ouch Shelby, I hope you didn't get pricked in the nose.

Jenxo said...

i didnt know hedgehogs were in NZ, i ve found porcupines in the bush, they are such unusual little creatures.

i hope he didnt pricked either....jenxo

Linda said...

Wow! Shelby knew this was blog fodder!!!

Anonymous said...

wonderful ..................................................

Michelle said...

your summertime photos make me feel warmer already! Love the hedgehog ... great find! I think I'll take my dog for a walk by our frozen creek and daydream about your lovely summer sun.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Shelby must have been thinking "Mum is SO going to blog about this!"
I have never seen a hedgehog in real life, how very cool.
Lovely green green grass too, everything is brown and grey and spotted with small patches of left over snow here!