Monday, August 11, 2008

Doesn't bright yellow just cheer you up no end?

These are some of my lovely daffodils, they are planted almost all the way down the drive way. I still need approx 500 more to complete it. (there's my house, waaaaaay down the end there)
And just had to show you my lachanelias, great mood lifters!!!
No art work to show you today, should have some soon for you. Have been working on my altered book and a small project for a swap with Debbi.
Until then, keep well


SuSaw said...

Beautiful! I was looking at the pictures wondering where on earth daffodils were blooming when I realized you are at the other end from me!!lol.

In Spokane, WA USA we are in the muddle of August heat and having to water daily to keep things from drooping, although yesterday was cool and cloudy. Nice change from weather in the 90's (32 where you are).

Debbi Baker said...

Yes they do Carole!! Just gorgeous. And all your treasures in the previous post are very impressive too.