Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well it does kind of look christmassy, don't you think? It is my new arch sent to me from Jan in the UK. WOW! it is incredible, Jan must have put some amazing work into this arch. I love the colours, the stitching, the beading and the texture! Especially the texture!

Also included in my package was this little ATC! I love the texture. Gosh Jan, where do you get these ideas??

If that wasn't enough I discovered another little package inside the envelope, and just look at all the bits and pieces! I couldn't believe my eyes! Just think of the fun I shall have with these, and I love the colour scheme!

AND then I found this little envelope.......
And guess what was inside? Isn't it lovely?

I feel totally spoilt! Thank you so Much Jan, it was such a lovely surprise!

While I'm posting, I must just say thanks to all of you who visited recently and left comments about my altered book I'm working on. Thank you I really appreciate your feedback! And please come visit again sometime!

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