Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ok, so I've been away for a week.....

What an amazing week that was, and so many comments! I honestly wasn't expecting that many!! When I get sick of watching the olympics on tv I will be visiting blogs and exploring your talents!! I also think I need to work on something more exciting for the next giveaway, mmmm, I hope I make 200 posts!

So many things have happened over the last week. First off we got a new boss at work. You probably all know the type, young, trillions of ideas, loud, likes to delegate, sits back and takes the credit.
I'll wait a little longer before I pass judgement, but I came home on Friday night exhausted. She's hard work!

My daffodils are flowering! Yay! I get such a kick out of picking them whenever I want - for free! Makes all that hard back-breaking work planting them worthwhile.

On Wednesday I took the day off (using a sick day). I had arranged with a crafting friend from Wellington, Nona, to come up to Palmerston North for the day. Nona and I have never met, how exciting is this? So being International Op Shop week in Palmy, we visited all the op shops and second hands stores. What a fun day we had. AND WHAT TREASURES WE FOUND!
Some cotton lace,
pieces of linen, each 5" x 8", the round ones are 7" in diameter,
and look at these random bits I picked up for use on an altered book!
drooling yet? These are only some of the things I found.
Here are some more daffs for you! (I have them all over the house!)
I was also told that it has been confirmed that I am going on a photographic course in September down in the south island. WOOHOO! Staying in a World Heritage Hotel, all meals, flights, rental car, meals and the 4 day course paid for by work!! I can start getting excited about it now! The scenery will be some of New Zealand's best. I am flying to Wanaka, driving to Haast, driving to Hokatika and flying back to Palmy. I will spend the 4 days in Haast, I've never been there before. It will be full on tho, up at 6am every morning and won't finish until approx 9pm. No time for "nana naps" during the day!

Will see you all again tomorrow, until then thanks again for your wonderful comments, they are very much appreciated!



Nona Parry said...

I spent some of today sorting through my goodies from Palmy and Woodville as well! I had a truly terrific time and came back with some awesome bits & bobs!
We are starting to see some signs of Spring here in Welly -- the first magnolia in the Botanic Gardens is in full bloom, and the deciduous trees are showing red buds!
I hope you've had as sunny a weekend as we have had.

Fannie said...

Congrats on the photographic course, Carole! Woo Hoo!!!!!

The treasures you found would be at home in my studio. ;-D Nice.

Great photos!