Sunday, September 27, 2009

doing a class this weekend...

.......and this is what I'm trying to make!!
a little bit over adventurous for me! LOL
However, we all love a 'tryer'.
Don't think mine is going to look like this class sample, but will show you when it's done.
The class is being tutored by Hazel Foot from Auckland, who does the most amazing work. Very inspiring!
Yesterday I had to concentrate so darn hard I completely forgot to take any pics! (hope to get a couple today!) I think the paper piecing is great, perfect points every time, but my quick unpick and I have formed a very close relationship, let me tell you! I've nearly worn the darn thing out.
I think this is one of the hardest things I've had to learn of late!
And it's all about colours too, the colours I choose will make or break it.

Oh well, back to class......
Carole ;)


Ali Honey said...

Good Luck with that. Even if you don't like the end result ( which I'm sure you will ) you will have learned the technique from a very good quilter. Enjoy! ( quick unpicks or rippers are cheap so don't worry - use it )

Cobi said...

wow wow wow that quilt looks gorgeous. curious what colors you've picked. I've done this kind of blocks before and tho' the pp makes it easier, it is an awful lot of work. but worth the result. which reminds me, I still have to finish mine. love to see pics tomorrow.

Dotti said...

You know what Carole...I'll bet this isn't as hard as it looks...I'll bet it's more time consuming than anything. Are you going to be doing paper piecing (I hope?) This is definitely an eye catcher. We had one of these at our quilt show this summer and it took a blue ribbon in the wall hangings section! You go girl! You can do it!!!

Deb said...

Wow Carole, that is going brave, well done you for giving it a go. Cant wait to see and hear how you got on, what a brilliant way to spend a weekend. I am sure you will be great.


I love pointy things. Pointy quilts, pointy hats, pointy shoes..... lol Everything else is pointless!

I have several of Karen Stone's patterns. Love it!!