Saturday, August 1, 2009

some recent mail...

I recently participated in the F-R-I-E-N-D-S swap where we were assigned a partner and we had to swap 7 gifts, one for each letter of the word. My partner was Debbie from Canada, and this was how she handled the challenge! (It was a bit overwhelming to get all these gifts! ) Thanks so much Debbie for going to so much trouble to put these together for me. It was really interesting to see if we matched any of the items.
F: a flower hot pad and a face mask, (just what a tired student will need, will save until exam time!!)
R: rick rack, ribbon and a recipe book full of chocolate recipes! (also good for tired students)
I: indigo coloured fabric and ribbon with inches marked on it! (great for students when not doing student things!)
E: some lovely embroidery and some earrings, (a feminine touch for the drab student who studies in slouchy track pants and sweatshirts!)
N: some needle pullers, a hanky for the Nose and a very cute notebook. (all ideal for the student who likes to do a bit of stitching)
D: some lemon drink sachets, a dip mix and a pretty cool doily, (stored, going and gone!)
S: a lovely souvenir tea towel from Canada, a pot scrubber, a strawberry huller and a gorgeous sewing kit! (for the spoilt student!)
And then Debbie added a few extras which was so kind of her considering she must have had to mortage the house to be able to afford the darn postage! LOL
Although I loved everything!!!! This wee thimble was my favourite thing, don't you think it's totally gorgeous?
And so too was the lovely tissue paper it was all wrapped in. Thanks again Debbie, and I hope this is the beginning of a great friendship!
Carole ;)


Deb said...

Wow Carole, that was certainly a box full and a half wasn't it.

LittleRed said...

I'm so happy you enjoyed your swap! I thought the little owl was cute too:) Now you've reminded me to post my swap pictures too.....thanks for swapping:)

Ahipara Girl said...

hey lovely girl, check out a few posts back on my blog. i just spent $5 on a hot pad just like urs to add to my collection. lol. i'm loving all the pictures and all the new. the daffs are looking gorgeous, so worth the effort last year to order and then plant. the lambs are adorable. the cotton reels a find. and u are at university and have an etsy shop. man where have i been. lovely to be back. your awesome. and those silly crazy cats of urs, i could just picture u trying to rescue those sparrows. lol