Sunday, April 5, 2009

An envelope from Debbi

Well the mail bought an exciting envelope yesterday from Debbi in Aussie! An ATC for a swap with a vintage theme. Isn't it cool?

And a postcard from Debbi as well which she made to replace the one that went missing in action! I love them, thank you very much Debbi! Now must get on to making my next ATC!

I also picked up the next 2 blocks from Cherry Pie Quilts yesterday. Yippee! I've been waiting for over a month to collect these. These are the blocks for April and May, I'm a little ahead of everyone else making these, so I won't get the last block until June probably. There are only 9 blocks, and the bindings come with block 9. I can't wait to get them finished as Cheryl the owner of Cherry Pie is going to teach me to hand quilt, she told me it was her speciality. She is a fabulous hand stitcher and does lots of stunning crazy quilting and ribbon work. I feel that this quilt, because it has a lot of hand stitching in it should be hand quilted. I've never done hand quilting before, with me everything has to be done on the machine! It's faster! I've never even felt that I want or need to learn the skill, but now I feel the time is right.
I have a 2 week mid semester break coming up from next week, so hopefully I can get some sewing done! Notice that block 7 below has one of those large blocks in it with the cup? I just don't like it, as with the last one, I think it is bulky, or too heavy and not in keeping with the rest of the quilt top, so I think I will alter that block and do some stitcheries on it. You'll have to watch this spot to see what I do with it!

Hope you are all having a fab weekend! Our clocks all went back last night and daylight savings has finished for another year.
Today I want to do some more work on an assignment I have coming up, and perhaps I can spend the afternoon sewing! (she says with fingers crossed lol)

Carole ;)

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Fannie said...

Hi, Carole. Thanks for sharing your projects and gifts from your friends.

I love to hand quilt, too. It's meditative. My first sampler quilt was a large bed quilt, hand pieced and hand quilted. It's one of my treasures . . . however, it is still waiting to be completed. I made it in the early 90's, and all I have left is the binding. You've inspired me to finish it. Thanks!

Love the beautiful rose in your banner. I have many roses that look like that which are lovingly displayed in a glass bowl. You're inspiring! Enjoy your weekend, Dear Friend!