Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't laugh.....

Well you remember I told you that I was doing an online class thru
It is a watercolour sketch book class.
Jane LaFazio is the tutor.

Well it has just started and we will get 1 lesson a week for 6 weeks.
Our first lesson was in still life.
Now I am very eager to get going, but there is a small problem...
I can't draw!

One has to be able to draw in order to paint the subject!
So I can't draw, and I totally am colour blind when it comes to mixing! 

So this class is going to take me to comfort zones that just don't exsist! LOL

For my first try I used 2 apples and a lemon.
What do you think?
Could you tell they were fruit? (please say you could!!!)
If you really could then maybe I'm off to a good start!!

2 apples and a lemon, 5x7" by carole brungar

Have a faulous week!
Carole :))


Annette said...

What a fantastic first picture, for someone who can't draw!! Well done, I love it.. and yes, they do look like two apples and a lemon..
The verification word is 'prowed' pronounced proud, which is what you should be..

cait said...

I agree - you're onto it! And not only can you draw, you can also paint! Congratulations, it's beautiful ... cheers

Magpie's Mumblings said...

There is NO way I would ever laugh! I so envy anyone who has what it takes to even try to draw, so you're doing great!!