Sunday, April 17, 2011

Well I cleaned again today, but only cos my sewing desk was so messy!!

Which means I can now use my desk!!

Which is great, because I wanted to make a bunting.

For a girl who is getting married soon.

I wanted to make it out of as much recycled materials as possible. 
So I used pages from an old book.

I coloured the edges with the ink from a Distress Inks stamp pad.

Then scrunched up some tissue paper and stapled it to a flag.

Then thought it just needed something else - 
I lightly rubbed the stamp pad over the tissue flowers.

They are to hang over her desk at work, I'll take a photo of them when they're hanging up.

I think I like having a clean desk!
Hope you're all having a great weekend,
Carole :)


Heavens2Betsy said...

Love your gorgeous bunting. Penny

~*~Patty S said...

such a sweet and lovely gift Mz turned out great!

Linda said...

Look at you....sewing with paper! Love it!!!!!!!!

Nancy said...

This is so nice! And I like the photo frames on your blog pics :)
It must have been a cleaning day, my scrap table top couldn't be seen and now, it looks so nice---I may have to make something tomorrow :)

Margaret said...

So pretty, lucky gal!

Love Bears All Things said...

Hello, I just found your blog through Julie and signed up for the journal class although I'm weeks behind...can't wait to get started.
Mama Bear

Nathalie Thompson said...

So did she like it? I would be so surprised if she didn't! Beautiful bunting! Inking the flowers was a perfect idea.

Traci said...

Cool bunting mum, did she love it????