Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thank you and progress report

Thanks to you all for the great ideas and suggestions for help with this quilt top. I read thru them all with interest, some I thought were very good ideas, and some made me laugh. So thanks!! 

 Can you guess what I've been doing? There has been a lot of this happening in my sewing room of late, my trusty friend the Quick Unpick to the rescue. In fact I think I've nearly worn the blade out!!

Just when I've rechecked everything and pinned and measured again and think things are falling into place nicely, this happens for absolutely no reason whatsoever!
I guess everyone has to make at least one problem quilt in their lifetime of quilting :) But it's beginning to test my patience!

So here is an update of where it's at right now. HA! And you thought it's be locked in a cupboard didn't you? No, it's starting to take shape, some sort of shape, actually I'll be happy with whatever shape I get out of it! LOL I love that fabric and it still looks gorgeous. Think I might do some minor embellishing too, thanks to those who suggested it.

Well must dash and do some more sewing to unpick! hahaha Hope you're all having a great weekend,
Carole :)


Jenxo said...

looking good Carole, you will be much happier with it now its fixed....

muts be terrible instructions if you are having so much trouble with it...

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Nice to see you're sticking with it, it's looking good :)

Margaret said...

good on you Carole! a stirling job! it will get finished, proud of ya!! Mx

~*~Patty S said...

Looks like a lot of fun and so pretty too!