Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Are we ready? Then let's do it!

OK, easy as!
So now I want you to go off and practice. Write words on your fabric and free motion over them until your fabric is covered in writing.

Leave a comment to let us know how you've got on, and we can all come and visit you to see your homework!

On the weekend I'll post another exercise.
Have fun,
Carole :))


Debrina said...

Awesome fingernails too! Any chance you could give us an exercise on fingernail painting too? Lol! Anyway, fab posting Carole. You are just the cooolest!!!

suziqu's thread works said...

Carole you are doing such a neat job in explaining this free motion stuff!
My husband just loves to listen to that accent as he used to have one too
just the same!
Have a good evening!

fabriquefantastique said...

How can I resist a blog with a title like that...I can certainly relate.

Mrs A said...

Holy smokes Carole, it has taken me ages to try and upload some videos of my homework!

Bunty said...

I'm gripped already! I'm planning on having a go tomorrow as DH has to go up to London with work so I will have the day to myself.

You are making it very easy so far Carole, which is great! I just hope that I have a darning foot somewhere - I will be stuck if not!


Fabric Art said...

Great vidios, I have always loved free motion sewing, thanks for sweet comment on my blog.

~*~Patty S said...

well that looks like fun ... thank you for taking the mystery out of it Carole...I do so much better learning by seeing than by reading

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

well done Carole, great videos! when does the class start for "The Road to my House"?

Mrs A said...

still stuck on Colin? I might join you?!

Lorrie said...

When we lived in South America I had a friend from NZ. Listening to you takes me back to those fun times when we used to cross stitch together in the afternoons.

Love the fingernails - perfect for the first day of winter OR summer! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I scrolled down and read a few more of your posts and discovered that you are part of the QB5 group that I read about on Linda's blog.

Mel Brooks said...

Hi there, awesome tutorials.. I defn need to get some practice in :)

Tanya said...

Thanks for the great tutorial Carole, it is very clear and has great visuals. I use a Singer and it is almost 30 years old so not very fancy. It has a clear plastic cover plate to place over the feed dogs (I never knew what it was for!) and I removed the sewing foot but didn't have an embroidery foot like yours. I think that would make it heaps easier. My machine doesn't have a "stop in the needle down" setting but that was OK, we can cope with that. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for coming into my lounge room and showing me how just like a friend would. Here is the link to my first attempts