Friday, October 7, 2011

It's very stressful here at the moment...

Look at all that wide open space. Wouldn't you just think it would make you feel free and wonderful and thankful?

Ha! Well it doesn't!

It has in fact, just the opposite affect. Because if you look carefully, you can just catch a glimpse of a Plover.
He made lots of noise when I neared the fence which was a dead giveaway that there were some baby birds somewhere close by. I climbed over the fence and took a look. 
Yep, sure enough there where three all huddled together on there own while mum and dad Plover dive-bombed me and screamed obscenities at me in bird language.

I rushed inside to find my camera and after approximately five minutes I returned to the very same spot.

I couldn't find the chicks, they were nowhere to be found. 
Mmmm, I would need to watch carefully where I was walking.

I found the nest.

And then I thought I found something...
I turned the flash on, so you could see more clearly,


Chick number one. Then slowly, one by one, I found them all

carefully hidden, sitting very quiet and still

And then I couldn't help myself...I had to have a wee cuddle :)

Little balls of downy fluff

And then I put them back amongst the grasses for their mother to fuss over.

They blend in well don't they?

So of course, you can understand why I'm so anxious at the moment, with all manner of babies all over the place. 

And two of these.
However, I would like to say, that the whole Plover family were seen for quite a few after and all 3 children were happily running around scouting for food.

Phew, thank goodness :)

Carole :)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely find. It's kinda special to be allowed into something like that. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

Cute little chickies....let's hope they stay safe!

Janelle said...

They are really cute. I hope that the kitties leave them alone.

Jill said...

How fun to find the little ones!

Jensters said...

Glad you found them Carole.....and they are way to cute.

Linda said...

So the cats don't have kittens, right? They were sure sleeping well. The plovers are adorable!!!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Never heard of a plover before--chicks are always so cute. One forgets that it's spring elsewhere. Now what really caught my attention was your visit to the Arts recycling center--Never heard of that either. Pure bliss!
best, nadia

Margaret said...

very cute! how are they doing now?

Ali Honey said...

Although Plovers are protected in NZ ( they shouldn't be )they are actually not very nice birds. They kill other small birds ( ducklings ) and have been known to peck newborn lambs eyes maybe not quite so cute.