Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some light-hearted skipping and jumping

Our Easter here was a fabulous one, we had such beautiful weather. And perfect evenings. One night during the weekend we went for a walk along our favorite beach,  Foxton beach. It seemed hundreds of people were doing the same thing. There were people walking dogs, people fishing, jogging, riding horses, flying kites, riding on 4-wheeler buggies. Children with buckets and spades, mothers sitting in deck chairs.

Enjoying life.

The evening was beautiful and mild with a wee hint of a breeze.

And as the sun started to slide beneath the horizon it touched the ripples across the sand and reminded me of the opening shots from the movie 'The English Patient'.

And once we had walked for miles down the beach there were very few people and there was no one to see you if you wanted to be a total idiot!

playing on the beach using a photo booth app on iphone
Hope you all had a great Easter break, what did you get up to?

Carole x


Raewyn said...

Lovely photos - and a lovely post...having the freedom (and dare I say it,state of mind) to just 'be' is wonderful!!

Linda said...

What beautiful Easter pictures! I've about decided that Easter is beautiful all over the world! We had a great weekend.... the kids came out... and they brought the sweet granddaughter! hee hee!

Janelle said...

Your Easter sounds wonderful. My family had a wonderful day of cooking and eating together and just enjoying each other's company.

Margaret said...

Sounds just perfect,love your pics! we had snow! Mx

~*~Patty S said...

Looks and sounds really special Carole...fab photos
you make me want to watch "The English Patient" again...such a great flick

Tatkis said...

Wonderful Easter weekend!
And we went to Fraser Island and it was sooo great! :)


Cait said...

I adore that ripply sand pic. Reminds me of one I took many moons ago in my youth, on a beach in Wales ... sigh! cheers, Cait

Nathalie Thompson said...

Oh, how I wish we had a beach nearby! Love your rippled sand photo.
We are having a gorgeous spring with everything blooming beautifully.