Saturday, January 19, 2013

A New Year has begun and where have I been?

You might well be asking this!
Martha Mine, Waihi, North Island
We have been on, what seems like, a never-ending search for the ideal property.  When we decided to sell our home we expected it to take forever to sell and that we'd be able to find another property without problem. Not the case.

Martha Mine, Waihi, North Island

We had a checklist of things we'd both like in a property, and knew that we'd have to make concessions, but we thought the perfect property was out there somewhere.
We started looking at Coromandel and worked our way down the coast, looking at properties around Waihi, Katikai, Opotiki and Whakatane.
Harbour at Whakatane, North Island
 If you are ever in Whakatane do stop at Wally's on the Wharf, they have the best fish and chips I have ever tried!
We made trip after trip away searching. Nothing.
So now we have resorted to Plan B, and we are searching locally, with 4 weeks until we have to move out. Every waking hour is spent searching the internet and visiting homes.
I'll keep you posted on our progress.
Carole x


DIAN said...

I hope you find that perfect property soon. Dian xx

Doreen G said...

I bet if you had found a property and then tried to sell yours it would have taken forever.I hope it all falls into place soon.

Cy said...

We are putting our lifestyle block (nr. Waiuku) on the market sometime soon. Then we will go touring NZ for a year or two, until we find a place we'd like to retire to.
Good luck with your search. Hope you find something soon.

Nicky said...

You know what they say about good things and those who wait.....
Good luck, I hope you find something perfect soon!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

We had the same situation before we moved here.
Our house sold within the first week and we were out in a month - homeless!
I know how very unsettling it is, my only advice is don't rush into anything...
There are houses for sale near us - just a thought and you've got good reasons to come this way!!!

Good luck Carole
Shane ♥

Lottie said...

I hope that you find a home soon. We too, like others on here, sold our house straight away - after deciding whilst on a trip to NZ that we would move. A huge decision then we had to get out quickly. We saw so many homes, found one made the offer. got it accepted, then the buyers chose someone else! Long story short - we ended up buying our home here - totally NOT what I had in mind - but God knows best. We made it into a home, and are so happy and contented. The same will happen for you. Perhaps you might consider a renting in the short term to take some pressure off nearer the time of your move.

Love the photo of you - have you had your hair cut short - it sooooo suits you.

Jennifer said...

Oh my......fingers crossed that you will find your perfect home soon!

Linda said...

Sounds like the right place is just around the corner.

Mrs A said...

Good luck with the house hunting, looks lovely near the harbour, but not the mine !

Lynette (NZ) said...

Everything crossed for you xx

Raewyn said...

Good luck with the property hunting. I'm sure the right place is just around the corner..somewhere..! Try not to feel pressured and make any rash decisions.

~*~Patty S said...

hoping your move to THE perfect new abode goes smoothly and flawlessly dear Carole

VERY exciting to make a new start once all the work of moving is well behind you!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Well, you HAVE discovered a good fish and chips place in the process. :)

I'm reminded about the saying that goes, "You always find something in the last place you look. :)

Tatkis said...

Good luck with your dream home search!
I love New Zealand so much (my husband especially loves Dunedin :)) )


Ali Honey said...

Oh no, You drove right passed the end of our road. Less than a one km detour and you could have come for a quick visit!