Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's winter, I'd like to hibernate!

But I can't.
There have been so many things happening, and exciting changes!

The first exciting thing is that our sign has gone up, now we are officially a studio! Tui Glen is the name of the road we live on and we have large numbers of kowhai trees which means our gardens will be full of tuis once they are flowering.Mr M&M (aka Dennis) made it himself, very clever!

And today I discovered a little touch of yellow in one tree, it must be an early flowering variety, but it's an exciting sign!

Mr M&M is, as some of you will already know, is a watercolour painter who specialises in landscapes. He has been busy assembling paintings for his very first solo exhibition in a gallery in Palmerston North. It opened last week for two weeks, and after a week he has sold seven paintings! I am very proud of him!

He is having another exhibition of work in Wellington in mid July and wants me to include some of my work! I think it might be a bit short notice for me! Mind you, if I canceled hot dinners and house work never made the bed and had some days off work pleading a mysterious illness......... ?

Here at Tui Glen Studio it's winter. We have loads of beautiful fallen leaves covering the ground, in fact we are getting buried under them! But the colours are gorgeous and I love walking through them. It's exciting to see the changes with the season.

I'm pleased we've got lots of firewood because there's been a lot of this happening during the evenings! It's most unusual to see them snuggle together, they must be mellowing in their old age. lol
Of course when I'm out walking round both Buddy and Wednesday like to follow me. They love all the places to sharpen their claws, and hide, and they have now have little bells (much to their disgust!) round their neck. We have some lovely walks, they run after me and 'talk' to me. As if I know what they're saying I chat back. I hope the neighbours aren't listening!

So you can see there have been a lot of things happening. As well as working in two jobs now and preparing for teaching at symposium and working on projects for the quilt store there has been no time to sit still for very long!I hope you'll all forgive me for not posting here as often. I take the photos, but run of of hours at the end of the day to post them!

Well, must go and light the fire, and do a little more stitching. Hopefully I'll have some stitching photos for you soon :)

Hope you are all well!
Carole x


Emma said...

Congrats to Mr M&M & to your studio opening! Your place looks just great.

Jen xo said...

its lovely to see what you have been up too and life is just busy busy busy.... congrats on hubbys exhibition too :)

Annette said...

Great name and fantastic name plate.. well done to you both.. and congratulations to mr m&m on his exhibition and sales. brilliant.

Raewyn said...
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Linda said...

I'm so very excited about all of this! So glad Dennis did the exhibit..... he's incredibly talented! And you....well, you are soooo talented.... I'm so pleased for you both. And the animals are adorable.....bells on their necks... love that!

Jennifer said...

Love those autumn colours.....and the kowhai! They were blooming when we visited NZ several years ago, and are so pretty. Congratulations to Mr M&M!

Tatkis said...

Great autumn pictures!
We had some cold evenings and mornings - so winter is really close :)

Maggi said...

Sounds like you have settled in to your new home really well and it looks so beautiful. Congratulations to Mr M & M

Catherine Parkinson said...

What a fantastic piece of news for you. I hope it all goes well in your new venture.

Catherine Parkinson said...
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Nicky said...

Lots of excitement at your place this week, congratulations to you both.