Friday, September 26, 2008

A few more photos from the South Island trip...

Welcome to Jackson Bay on the wild West Coast of New Zealand!
Here are a few more pics, taken with my little "snappy" camera.
Our landscape photography class were in for a treat! We arrived here at mid day, it was raining, and we had a packed picnic lunch for the 11 of us. The rain was a bother with all our camera gear, but funny enough we all got some great photos! Very atmospheric. This is a fishing village, population of approx 20 people!
Above is the Jackson Bay wharf, fantastic! I've always wanted to get the 'under the wharf' shots and I finally did, I was one very happy photographer.
We were all so busy making images that we rather forgot about the lunches, and ate them when we remembered under the shelter of a visitor lean to much later in the day!

Above: Here is a prime piece of character New Zealand property for sale, just look how rustic it is, plenty of scope for wildlife visitors, the new tennents may also be able to enjoy a great view of the stars at night! Love the signage!

Above: Someone was selling quite a number of blocks of land. Mostly all bush covered, I wonder what the asking price would be?
Here's another shot of the wharf, the rain eased up to a drizzle. I spent some time down here, bum in the air, nose in the sand trying to take photos of the teeth of a dead fish! Yes, I know, but it was worth it!

Then, what do you know, this little fella wandered up from the sea to take a rest on the grass. However he was soon bombarded by 10 camera lenses, at various times and various angles so after approx 30 mins he got sick of being in the lime light and wandered back to the safety of the sea! (and some peace and quiet!) Isn't he just the cutest?
Our next stop was a pioneer cemetary, one of the eldest on the West Coast. It is the burial site for some of the first European settlers to come to NZ. The forest has claimed most of the sites, with only 13 remaining. Of course we photographed from all angles and with all sorts of lenses!
We had an amazing range of people, ages, and occupations on this workshop. They were a pretty neat group which made the 5 day workshop more enjoyable. (seeing we were living, working and eating together!) We did have our own rooms though!
Below: This was taken on the road between Jackson Bay and Haast, everyone piled out of the vehicles to take pics of the wood pigeons, but I just fell in love with the hills. I love the sense of dinstance and the atmosphere it provokes.

Hope you all enjoyed those! Thanks to all of you who have left comments, or have emailed me, tomorrow I want to take you all whitebaiting on the west coast!

Until then,
Have a great weekend!!

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