Thursday, September 11, 2008


Welcome to Deb from the USA who would like to join in!
So far these are the swappers playing:

Cathy W from USA
Deb S from USA
Margaret from Switzerland
Rayna from NZ
Pamela from USA
Susan from USA
Cathy from Australia
Kate from England
Jenni from Australia
Carol T from Wales
Nona From NZ
Leanne from NZ
(let me know if I've left anyone off!!!)
PLEASE NOTE: I am going to be away from my computer for 5 days from tomorrow (Friday) Hopefully I may be able to check emails while away, but not too sure. So otherwise I will be back on Wed 17th Sept. I'm heading down south to do a landscape photography course and fly down very early tomorrow morning.

Warning- there will probably be lots of NZ scenery pics coming! Sorry! lol!

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Margaret said...

Carole, am weeping already!!!! :)