Saturday, January 10, 2009

And some sewing during the week....

I have been beavering away on these blocks. I only collected four as that's all they had, I will have to wait until they get another order arrive from Australia. But I have sewn them all now and have them all ready to take on holiday, when I can stitch them at leisure!
I have been trying to get all my joins matching....some do very nicely, and some just don't want to go there!!
Then I cellotape the pattern on a window and trace all the stitching patterns.

I've actually finished this one, above, and have started on this one below.
But I am now going to make another start on block 7 of my McKenna Ryan quilt.

Catch you soon,
Carole ;)


Margaret said...

mmm... love these pastel colours Carole! I also have a floral stash waiting attention! Have you been over to Pam Garrison of late? she has an interesting piece on her blog at the mo, click on the link to 'Rebecca' some lovely ideas for embellishment.

Purple Missus said...

Silly me :)
When I took a first look at your pattern I thought that it was HUGE - until I read that you had taped it to the window *LOL*

I really like these vintage style fabrics you are working with.