Thursday, January 1, 2009

May you all have the very best in 2009!


Well it's here! A very quiet arrival. We normally go into the middle of town to "The Square" to celebrate the arrival of the new year with several thousand others. There are lots of entertainers, and a huge booze free party. This year there weren't any good bands coming, and the weather was not so nice with wind and frequent showers, so we stayed at home. I was in good company tho, I had Julie Andrews and the Sound of Music team to keep me amused (for the 20th time), and Dawn French as the Vicar of Dibley.

Have any of you made new years resolutions? I have made 2.

1. To loose a little weight and increase my fitness level, (one's too high and the other's too low!! lol).

2. To get some art work published in a magazine.

Actually I've got lots of other things I need/want to achieve this year, and I guess starting with a new job would be the first. I'm getting bored being at home all the time, and although there is always lots to do to keep me busy, even a part time job would be great, mixing with people.
Then there is my garden to develop, ongoing really. I want to get my McKenna Ryan quilt finished, (only 2 blocks to go). Then I've got 2 quilts I would like to make for myself, but am being strict on myself, and I am not to make a start on them yet, (old NY resolution, have no more than 2 projects on the go at any given time, that way they all get finished!)

I made a couple of bags from the fabric I bought recently. A larger carry bag which will come in handy, and a small over the shoulder bag for taking to the library, I usually only need my library card and my purse and car keys, and my arms are usually filled with books!

I also cooked some beetroot yesterday and bottled it this morning. Not a large amount, but filled 3 jars which is plenty for us as I'm the only one who eats it. I love it on sandwhiches. (I also have lovely pink hands now!)

I have been busy working on developing my garden, and it's starting to slowly look like a garden. I'm quite pleased with the progress really, even tho it is a bit slow. Here is what it looked like a few weeks ago.

And this is it now.....

Most of the bits in it have been cuttings scrounged from friends and seedlings given to me from Mum. But I have bought a few bits for it.

Well, thank you for dropping in to visit, c u soon!

Carole ;)

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Margaret said...

what a wonderful set of pics Mrs G!! brings back lots of memories, esp the beetroot! I only ever manage to blog 4 pics at a time, not sure why? I can't do more, maybe the photo prog? dunno. I hope you fulfill your wishes for 2009, part-time job sounds ideal, I also want to try and get something into a mag, would be great to see a bit of work in print!