Thursday, December 31, 2009

Small treasures

Recently I was given my grandmother's old sewing box. Or rather it's a wooden box on legs. It was full of lots of old and wonderful things. Most of the things were the usual finds, buttons, old wooden reels of cotton, snap fastners and needles.
Lots of needles.
These are just some of them.
My grandmother used to find time to do lots of stitching, she made doilies, and clothes, and mended everything that showed the slightest sign of wear and tear.
I was quite fascinated by all these needles!

These curious things were also part of the sewing box treasures. However I have no idea at all what they are! They are tiny, just slightly bigger than my smallest fingernail, and made of cotton. They are softish, but have something hard inside. They are stitched to this piece of card. They don't appear to be buttons.

A puzzle indeed, does anyone recognize them?

Carole :)


Julie said...

Sorry, I don't recognise them at all. Old sewing boxes are alwyas so interesting and have a particular smell about them, don't they?

I hope you have a very happy, healthy and creative New Year.

Debrina said...

Carole - I have no idea what those round cloth things are? Was it perhaps used for darning socks or used as a support for seweing small items? Beats me. Hopefully someome will come up with an answer. What I like best about your posting, though, is the utilitarian reference. Those were the days when everything was repaired! A lost art?

Ha. My verification word is "mousend". How cute!

wonderwoman said...

thanks for stopping by the blog! i'm afraid i have no idea what your round button like shapes are.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm always amazed when people from all over the world stop by to visit. Your blog is so much fun to look at. Lots of fabric and stitching. Sorry, I have no idea what those little things are, but they sure are cute.

Happy New Year in your warm portion of the world.

Linda said...

I think you have the contents for an RS collage box on your hands!

Diana said...

Carole - my first reaction to the little circles in your pic was that they look like mince pies!! (Nt sure if you have those in NZ - I'm in the UK). But then I wondered if they might be little weights for sewing into the hems of lightweight skirts or dresses in the same way as we put weights in the hems of curtains so that they hang straight? I've never heard of such things being used in dressmaking but you never know.
It is intriguing though and if you're really keen to find out (I'm sure your blog readers would be interested to know!) you could perhaps send the pic to one of the needlework archives places here (I can send you a couple of websites with contact details if you're interested...)
Happy new year and keep up the great blog!

Margaret said...

DP, whatever they are they're beautifully stitched, I'll check out Rosemary McLeods 'Thrift to Fantasy' maybe there's something in there.
All the best for a great sunny New Year! Mrs Gx

Nicola said...

I forwarded the picture to my Mum and she came up one idea. Little feet to go under trinket boxes on a dressing table. But she is going to ask around at the Embroiders Guild to find somemore suggestions