Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Made in New Zealand - not any more!

Today I bought this jar of apricot jam from the supermarket. So what, you're thinking? Has she gone completely mad? Well actually I bought it because not only is it made in NZ, but it is made from 100% fruit grown in NZ. This is indeed a rare find these days. In fact I stood and read every jam label in the jam section, they all stated that the product was made from local and imported fruit. I will be supporting Barker's by buying their apricot jam, but I think I shall have to start making all my own jams, lemon honey and marmalades, and then I only have to buy peanut butter, honey and marmite. I was also disappointed to fine all my favourite lollies, Mintees, Spearmint Imperial and Jellybeans are being made overseas now too!

Cool lid!

Just a wee gripe! :)


Marls said...

I have always loved Barkers products.
How can you support NZ made when it isn't there??

Dotti said...

Making jam is really really easy Carole. The taste of home made is so superior hands down. And the preservation process is easy too...a boiling water bath to seal the lids (unless you do the paraffin method) is all that's needed.