Friday, April 16, 2010

needles and thread

I have a small amount of no5 perle cotton which I bought for $1.00 in a second hand
shop a while back. One of those purchases you buy because you know that one day you'll be looking for exactly that thing! LOL I considered my purchase a bargain, a find in a thousand.
I'm sure it was being used by someone on a project, guess I'll never know.
There were several colours and they were a bit of a tangle.
They are lovely to use, and deserve to be used on a special project.

My stitchery!

I'm adding a small piece of lace my Lace Merchant Nathalie sent me. It's old, and
very fine, and seemed just the perfect accompaniment.

What do you like most with old lace?

Carole :)


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Your blog is full of interesting things! I love the stitching you've done, my own lace looks a little naked by comparrison! You've given me a great idea for using lace doilies so if I do some I will make sure I link up to this post:)

Ayala Levinger said...

I love old lace! And love the colors in your photo's.
If my old lace isn't old enough and yellow I dye it with coffee or rust and use it to embelish quilt.
I then quilt around the lace or in the shapes to add some color.

Jenxo said...

oh its beautiful and i love your stitching...glad your back jenxo

Bunty said...

Your thread is perfect for your project. I often find I buy things for no other reason than that I like them but have absolutely no idea what I will use them for. At some point in the future I embark on a particular project for which my purchases turn out to be ideal and a lot of my stash is serendipitious (is there such a word? You know what I mean!

Thanks for the peek at your lovely lace stitchery.


PS I have only just got into the "Floozies" after waiting for a long time - if you are interested and there are any further openings in the future, do you want me to let you know?

Linda said...

What do I like with my old lace? Well, certainly not Arsenic!!! Am I showing my age?

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

I get to follow funny Linda's comment, that clever gull!
You are making gorgeous lace even more interesting and beautiful Carole ... making me itchy to stitch!
It's the time of year when the garden is calling, the art room ... well you know how it is!

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

I love lace but really can't get those vintage lace selling in my country.

Meggie said...

I love old lace and particularly the fact that is was handmade.

Fannie said...

Oooo, this lace would look great with a mixed media dress I just made. Love your stitching, Carole. Come visit. I have a book giveaway. You are my "quiet angel." ;-D

Debrina said...

Carole! I must apologise for not getting here sooner. I'm just catching up with everybody now. I have been thinking about you every other day (it's true!) wondering about you know what and whether you've had the you know what. Sorry folks - it's a you know what secret! Lol. Anyway, let me know how you are going...flick me an email:
Oh and I just love this nifty, tricky bit of stitchery. Yay for 2nd hand/op shop finds!!

Anneke said...

this is very beautiful carole.
i love lace and treads and your blog has beautiful work from you.
have a nice weekend


How very lovely! Love your stitching!

Nathalie Thompson said...

I only vaguely remember this lace, but I agree with the others- you ahve made it even prettier with your stitching! Is this part of "memories?"