Monday, May 31, 2010

I couldn't help but be inspired...

On Saturday my stitching friend Chris and I went for a drive down to Carterton to do a class with the very talented Alison Norris-Baber. You may of heard of her, she has been featured in quite a number of magazines. She has a gorgeous wee studio selling her own hand made pieces of art, and a workroom to teach classes in. What a dream!

Alison loves the very muted colours, and adores everything vintage. The older the better. A small group of girls chatted together as we stitched and ironed under Alison's guidance. Her work is pure inspiration. And I found her colour scheme very relaxing.

I stitched a very old piece of cotton to a very old piece of linen, which you will see more of in due course. Chris worked on an old church, embellishing with lace. Both our pieces were quite different, but both lovely.

Inspiration hung in every window.

Thanks Alison for sharing your resources and ideas, providing a very
inspirational class, and a lovely friendly

We had a fabulous day!
You can check out Alison's web site here.

Carole :)


La Dolce Vita said...

i have to come back to read this post, just wanted to say congrats on Sew and I have blogged your piece! ciao bella!

Linda Gilbert said...

What a lovely day -- I will look forward to popping back to see work in progress
Kindest Regards Linda

Bunty said...

Looks lovely - lucky you. Looking forward to seeing more.


Nathalie Thompson said...

Looks DREAMY. I'm sure that a breath of fresh air blows through there daily! How can you NOT create beautiful things in an atmosphere like that?

~*~Patty said...

Nothing nicer than spending time with creative people in a lovely and creative space!

Lucky you ... oh published one! I am still SO happy ... saw Cat's pic of your lovely creation too!

The Rustic Victorian said...

What an absolutely wonderful inspirational blog. Your handwork is spectacular. I am enjoying myself so much here.
She "does" have a sweet space, I will go visit her.

Shiree said...

I amsure it was a great day, would have loved to have been there,maybe another time. Your work looks lovely Carole, will wait to see the finished work photos!

bad penny said...

Carole can I do your course ? I'll email you !

Margaret said...

Living the dream Carole...

Stitchbird said...

Is it Alison great and I am green with envy over her studio. Love your embellishing on the photo.